Lighting Design from Studio Lux contributes to major sustainability initiative of newly remodeled Mercedes-Benz showroom

May 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 May 2011 Seattle, WA – After a six-month renovation, Barrier Mercedes-Benz of Bellevue unveils its new showroom, June 8, 2011 with a breakthrough green lighting design from Studio Lux that will contribute substantially to the dealership’s energy-efficiency initiative.Barrier Motors tapped the award-winning Seattle-based lighting firm to revamp and reimagine the 47,800-square-foot showroom’s lighting scheme.The Studio Lux design team used its expertise in low-impact lighting practices to go far beyond the stringent energy codes set by the state of Washington.According to Studio Lux Principal Christopher Thompson, “the technology is about as cutting edge as you can get in my world. Some fixtures are seeing the light of day on this project.”The new environmentally responsible design uses the industry’s most efficient technologies such as individual computer controlled office lights, high efficiency LED lamps and sensors that automatically adjust to the available daylight. As a result, the plan is 33% below the state’s watt-per-square-foot requirements and is expected to reduce energy costs for Barrier Mercedes-Benz 40 to 60%.At the same time, Studio Lux ratcheted up drama in the showroom. “The automobiles are like sculptures,” Thompson says. “We’re using tools that allow us to showcase them as works of art.”Studio Lux Senior Lighting Designer James Sultan calls it painting with light. “Like an artist, we use light to enhance certain areas and specific details. We guide the consumer through the showroom with light in a way that provokes the senses,” he says. The Studio Lux approach is not just to focus on the level of light but the quality of the light in a way that makes the showroom experience inviting, comfortable and visually exciting. Each automobile radiates in a halo of lights. Spots draw the eye to details, such as hood ornaments and wheels. “We aren’t here to celebrate the light fixtures,” says Sultan. “We integrate the light into the total environment to emphasize the architecture and enhance the experience.”Studio Lux is internationally recognized for creating dramatic and dynamic environments. In its portfolio of residences, museums, hotels and commercial venues, Studio Lux balances art and the science of lighting to enhance the aesthetic impact of interiors and architecture.

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