Komatsu plant in Russia installs LED lighting

May 17, 2011
Date Announced: 17 May 2011 Japanese concern Komatsu opened in the city on the Volga, a 25-second assembly plant in the world and first in Russia.For the organization of general lighting in shops and service areas set LED lamps SPO-70/100.Lamps in this series have excellent performance characteristics: wide range of supply voltages of 160 ~ 264 VAC, operating temperature range: - 20 ~ +40 º C. Lamps have in their composition electronic fuses, which will protect against excess voltage mains up to 800 volts, as well as overheating. Fixtures are made on the basis of light-emitting diodes NICHIA (Japan). The body is made of anodized aluminum and glass from the optical stabilized polycarbonate. Lamps mounted on any flat surface (walls or ceilings).Electricity consumption in the LED lamps by 4-5 times lower compared with gas-discharge lamps. In addition, LED lamps provide consistent illumination, they do not have ultraviolet and infrared radiation. LED lighting is better tolerate voltage fluctuations that are inherent to our networks.This is the first Russian, however, was the largest subsidiary outside of Japan, built, in fact, room for growth. " According to the president concern Komatsu Kunio Nozomu, the Yaroslavl plant's longest assembly line and the highest ceiling - so that later, when the economic situation is more favorable, not changing plans and not being distracted by an increase in the area, go directly to the expansion of production capacity.As acknowledged by the Japanese side, because of the global financial crisis had a few correct range of equipment, which will be produced in Yaroslavl. Since Russia began to recover faster than other companies engaged in production and development of new mineral deposits, Japanese manufacturers of construction equipment decided that the first product of the Yaroslavl plant will be the 40-ton hydraulic excavators. Several of these machines in the factory already assembled.The future plans - production of less heavy excavators road-building class, forklifts, mining equipment and machinery for laying pipelines. Until the end of the year the company will go from the conveyor 300 excavators. The following year, the plant has plans to achieve the capacity and produce three thousand excavators per year. On March 30 2011 board meeting by unanimous decision in the “Non-Profit Partnership for Manufacturers of LEDs and LED-based Systems” was employed as "Focus". Aims and objectives “Non-Profit Partnership for Manufacturers of LEDs and LED-based Systems”:Mission:Actively shaping the market LED products, ensuring the development of LED industry in Russia.Purpose:Non-profit partnership of producers of LEDs and systems based on them created in order to make all the agents of the market and primarily responsible for its management and development to reckon with the national producers.Objectives:- Protecting and increasing the efficiency of investment companies in domestic production, technology, science, education in the LED and related fields.- Development of qualitative and quantitative market for LED technology.- Formation of the rules and norms of functioning of LED market in Russia.

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