Daintree Networks and 8760 Inc. announce strategic partnership for integrated building controls

May 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 May 2011 New York & Mountain View, Calif. - Daintree Networks, Inc., a leading provider of innovative wireless lighting controls, and 8760 Inc., a provider of open protocol BMS/EMS integration and software solutions that ensure optimal energy consumption and facility operations, have announced a strategic partnership to bring open-standards wireless lighting control systems to commercial buildings. The companies are currently specifying installations nationwide, and have already contracted to provide a complete solution for multiple locations of a Fortune 50 bank. “We are excited to work with Daintree Networks to introduce intelligent wireless lighting controls to our customers. This is a highly complementary relationship that will broaden the scope of the innovative, energy efficient, standards-based applications that we provide,” said Leonard Pisano, CEO of 8760 Inc. “The solution’s key features, such as multi-facility management and interoperability across lighting devices, will provide the freedom to centrally manage lighting across all facilities, decreasing energy usage and cutting overall costs.”For the last five years, 8760 has delivered its Sustainable Performance Plan, an open protocol building management platform, to a Fortune 50 commercial bank. After consistent, measured performance of 10-20 percent reduction in energy consumption and over 40 percent reduction in HVAC service calls, 8760 was awarded the contract as the bank’s national BMS/EMS systems integrator. Because the scope of services includes lighting systems, 8760 turned to Daintree Networks to help develop an innovative, integrated solution.As part of this partnership, 8760 will now sell, integrate and install Daintree’s ControlScope wireless lighting control systems alongside other open-standards building systems. The companies have worked together to ensure that ControlScope, which uses the ZigBee wireless standard, works seamlessly with the open-standards Building Management Systems (BMS) that 8760 provides to its customers.“Lighting represents the largest energy load next to HVAC, creating a tremendous opportunity to focus on wireless lighting controls as a way to increase efficiency in both retrofits and major renovations,” said Danny Yu, CEO of Daintree Networks. “Based on its years of experience with its proven building management systems, 8760 was able to realize the potential for further cost reductions through the implementation of lighting controls, and we are happy that they chose to work with Daintree.”Multi-site organizations struggle with the limitations of traditional lighting control solutions which are difficult to commission and require local site management. Using Daintree’s ControlScope platform, 8760 can deliver an easy-to-commission, wireless solution with cloud-based central management capabilities to its customers. The result is a faster implementation, easier management and more rapid return on investment.About Daintree Networks, Inc.Daintree Networks is a clean technology company using wireless innovation to improve energy management within commercial buildings. Daintree provides technology for powerful, standards-based wireless lighting control solutions that deliver substantial lighting energy efficiency improvements in a more cost-effective way than ever before.Since its founding in 2003, Daintree Networks has been a pioneer in wireless mesh networking, with nearly 400 customers using its industry-standard design verification and operational support tool. The company has brought this extensive experience to bear in developing the industry’s first truly interoperable platform for wireless lighting controls. For more information, visit www.daintree.net.About 8760 Inc.8760 provides comprehensive facility performance monitoring 24x7x365. We offer a complete, open protocol facility management platform that controls and optimizes building systems, energy consumption and provides decision support through a single integrated platform. Diverse systems and devices can be unified and easily orchestrated and managed in real-time, regardless of each system’s manufacturer. Located in New York City, 8760 Inc. has an extensive history of system integration, energy efficiency projects, facilities management and new construction installations.8760 Inc. is currently installing and developing projects throughout the continental United States. For more information, visit www.8760inc.com.

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