Rose Group expands LED upgrade for Applebee's restaurants

May 26, 2011
Date Announced: 26 May 2011 After converting another Applebee's to energy efficient LEDs, the Rose Group continues to develop its prowess as an environmentally responsible dining franchise. The Rose Group has committed to upgrade 6 more Applebee’s family dining locations to LED lighting, in an on-going effort to reduce its energy consumption.The Applebee’s restaurant in Doylestown, Pennsylvania is the latest Rose Group LED upgrade, reducing lighting expenses by 88%. The switch to LEDs also significantly reduces the location’s carbon footprint, further demonstrating the Rose Group’s commitment to being an environmentally responsible partner in the communities in which it operates.Owning and operating 59 Applebee’s restaurants, the Rose Group employs over 5,000 people in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Their dedication to going green and reducing operating costs led them to LED Saving Solutions (LSS), an LED-consulting firm based out of Devon, PA. The two companies have teamed up to target areas of energy reduction opportunities for the Rose Group Applebee's restaurant locations.The Rose Group began their energy reduction project with its location in Newtown, Pennsylvania; upgrading the facility to energy efficient LED lighting. LSS and the Rose Group closely monitored the energy consumption of the Newtown Applebee’s for a full year before revisiting the opportunity. Upon reviewing the electricity bills and kilowatt consumption of the Newtown facility versus other similar locations, the reduction in energy was clear, and the Rose Group decided to expand on the program.The two companies have coordinated a cost-effective installation strategy, synchronizing LED conversions with the additional facility upgrades the franchisee intends for its locations throughout 2011. The Rose Group will be targeting the dining areas of its Applebee’s restaurants, which improve the lighting and ambiance for their guests while significantly reducing utility usage.The Doylestown Applebee’s LED upgrade will yield an investment payback of 11 months, and will abate over 630,000 lbs of CO2 over the lifetime of the LEDs as a result of reduced electrical demand. The energy efficient LEDs will reduce electricity consumption by 440,000 kWh over the lifetime of the lights, which is the equivalent of taking 53 SUVs off the road.Many of the LEDs in the new locations are Energy Star Rated, and qualify for additional incentives from the Rose Group utility providers. The LED linear units used in the kitchen cooler areas are manufactured by LED Saving Solutions in the USA, and produce a brighter light in the colder temperatures than the original fluorescents.LSS works closely with Applebee’s to provide LED solutions that match their existing color and light levels, in order to maintain the warm and welcoming dining ambiance. LED enhanced dining areas provide a whole new reason to drop into your neighborhood Applebee’s.About The Rose GroupThe Rose Group, headquartered in Newtown, PA, is the 34th largest restaurant franchise company in the United States. They currently own and operate 59 Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurants in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and Delaware. The company is the first franchisee for Corner Bakery Cafe, operating four cafes in Eastern Pennsylvania. The Rose Group also co-owns and operates The Shannon Rose, an independent Irish pub and restaurant in North Jersey. More information on The Rose Group can be found on their website at www.TheRoseGroup.comAbout LED Saving SolutionsLED Savings Solutions is a national energy reduction company specializing in LED lighting. LSS is renowned for its industry leading LED Linear Solutions, which are made in the USA. LSS has established groundbreaking international production and financing relationships that help reduce up-front costs to $0 for property owners. Their Best-of-Breed approach is based on comprehensive auditing, savings reports, and lighting design, with focus on matching the most cost-effective next generation lighting products with the needs of their clients. LED lights can reduce the electricity cost of lighting by 50% to 80% and last up to 80,000 hours. LED extended life rating also contributes to additional incentives, such as substantial reductions in maintenance and replacement costs. LED lights do not have the toxic Mercury, which is an environmental hazard and are more costly to recycle given the requirement for controlled conditions.

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