GO Lighting control system delivers twice the life cycle and fail-proof backup

May 18, 2011
Date Announced: 18 May 2011 Toronto, ON -– GO Lighting Technologies today announced it has licensed a new control system that doubles the life of solid state luminaires while providing a complete backup system in the unlikely incident of module failure. The Ultra Long Life – Fault Tolerant Control System (ULL-FTS) is a patent-pending system designed for commercial-industrial environments; these facilities typically operate 24 hours a day or involve physically difficult, awkward or expensive replacement of burned out lights. For an LED luminaire that is designed and configured for its use, ULL-FTS extends the lamp life to twice the rated L70 life. ULL-FTS is a fully redundant, fault tolerant system that immediately and automatically launches a backup for any failed component then advises the operator of a fault situation. In the rare event that component replacement is required, any component including the PCBs can be ‘hot-swapped’ for minimal disruption to a site’s operation.“The extended life ULL-FTS system brings two key features to the table – it ensures lighting is always on and it saves time and money on relamping cycles, " says Ron Content, president of GO Lighting. “GO Lighting Technologies is pleased to represent the newest revolution in solid state lighting and deliver this level of efficiency to our customers.” With its 200,000 hour L70 life, Content estimates with the ULL-FTS a company could avoid up to 10 relamping cycles, a substantial improvement in efficiency for clean room fabrication plants, where they typically shut down for two or three days every two years to replace fluorescent bulbs. Avoiding even one relamping cycle could produce significant ROI in some industries just by eliminating lost production time.GO Lighting Technologies is already incorporating the ULL-FTS technology into its products. The company recently applied for a patent for a heat sink design that extends the GO LED Troffer to 100,000 L70 life under normal operating conditions (plenum temperature up to 40c and 90% RH). With ULL-FTS, the GLT luminaire, for example, will now operate for 200,000 hours L70, and will be offered with a 10-year warranty when it is introduced in the fall of 2011. GO Lighting Technologies Inc. is in the process of redesigning their luminaires for ULL capability.GO Lighting Technologies is planning a series of luminaires and lighting designs around the ULL-FTS technology including non-ferrous and exterior lighting systems. The company has already demonstrated that ULL-FTS can be adapted to many solid state luminaire formats, such as linear lighting. The PCB design for ULL-FTS technology is also patent-pending; it incorporates unique elements used to support the control technology. ULL-FTS can also be applied to retrofit and custom solid state applications and will be available for licensing. GO Lighting Technologies will be demonstrating a working prototype of the ULL-FTS Control System at LightFair 2011 in Philadelphia, May 17-19, Booth #3345. About GO Lighting Technologies Inc.GO Lighting Technologies Inc. is a market leader in LED general lighting based in Toronto, Canada. As an Energy Star partner, the company supplies energy effective lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional applications. The products include award-winning GO FLL™ flat panel lighting, LED Troffer, and LED Downlights. For photos and complete product specifications, visit the media room at www.goenergyeffective.com.

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