Integration Technology boosts Solidcure to Nth degree

May 10, 2011
Date Announced: 10 May 2011 UK UV-LED curing specialist Integration Technology Ltd (ITL)’s UV LEDZero Solidcure™ gets boosted this month with the introduction of its N class array, bringing more energy efficiency than any other solution on the market.A compact footprint, light weight, combined with high intensity output has distinguished the range from launch and excited new applications for the product outside the moving head inkjet market.LEDZero Solidcure™ offers a number of significant advantages over conventional UV Systems including instant on/off operation and significantly reduced heat towards the substrate and long service life. Furthermore, output from the array has a limited frequency spread consequenting in cessation of any ozone or harmful UVC by-product form the system.LEDZero Solidcure N (pictured below) has an array width of just 16mm wide and capable of being supplied as a single continuous array from 10mm all the way up to 2,800mm. However thanks to advanced engineering and the clever use of materials science the LEDZero Solidcure N delivers a much higher energy dose than many other arrays over twice as large. With a standard wavelength of 395nm, other wavelengths are available to special order. Output intensity starts at 4W/cm.sq with alternative models offering 5W/cm.sq, 8W/cm.sq and even 10W/cm.sq, all utilising a 100 – 250V 50 / 60Hz power supply. The model also features patented field replaceable LED modules which plug into the clear plastic housing, making it truly serviceable.This liquid cooled synthetic housing design accurately maintains the optimum temperature of the LED dies under all running conditions avoiding condensation. The drivers for the LED modules are also mounted on the head and offer the ability to control the power of the LED infinitely from 5-100%.This latest development brings added value with greater cost efficiencies to market, says ITL managing director, Adrian Lockwood.“Now customers have access to a curing solution that brings their applications high intensity without the need for high dosage,” he says. “In energy efficiency terms, our development is unsurpassed in the present marketplace.”Meanwhile, available from ITL are a further addition to the Solidcure range in Solidcure N Plus together with air-cooled HiCure: the outcome of two-year’s intensive R&D development.ITL has seen growing interest in applications for its LEDZero series products in many applications such as decorating, product packaging, product assembly, printed electronics, and photovoltaics in addition to the wide format digital printing market, of which the company already has significant market share.ITL sees its current product introductions as the most significant development in extending choice to existing and emerging markets.“As the potential is recognised for UV LED application in sectors outside digital inkjet printing, so too is understanding that different markets have differing needs,” says Adrian.“Our role as market innovator is to meet these with solutions specific to task and our latest product releases measure how concertedly this company has again stepped up to the mark.”Further information on ITL at

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