Bulgarian LED firm Megatex embarks on a 5-year green program

May 26, 2011
Date Announced: 26 May 2011 Megatex – a global provider of unique and individually designed LED products - embarked on a 5-year green program in order to make its LED+LCD information kiosks 40% more efficient.The company has been designing, producing and selling its LED+LCD information kiosks for 5 years to hotels, banks, shopping malls, travel agencies. In order to be part of the global effort to save energy, the company now developed this 5-year plan, which represents a mixture of measures that the company will take and which will lead to the desired result of 40% more efficient information kiosks in 5 years time.Firstly, the company will stop using or lower the amount of environmental polluters and energy consuming materials such as plastic, glass, styrofoam, used in the production or packaging of the product.Looking closer at the aspect of packaging, which escapes the attention of many, solely this stage of kiosk production costs an enormous amount of energy (the huge styrofoam boxes used to safely transport screens for example). To decrease the size of the package and the amount of styrofoam used, Megatex has projected and discussed with its suppliers to deliver their products in carton boxes and has also negotiated such packaging and transportation schemes that make this stage of kiosk production as much environmentally friendly as possible.Another factor that causes kiosks to consume more power than they actually require for their normal operation, is dust, which inevitably covers the whole surface of the kiosk. Megatex has found a solution also to this problem, which will provide for a further decrease in power consumption.Furthermore, what hinders not only kiosks but all kinds of machines to save energy is the fact that they continue working at full capacity even in the absence of people in the room, hall, corridor etc. Naturally, inserting a movement sensor and allowing the appliance to work at lower capacity when there are no people around, would further lower its consumption, and this by 20%.Lastly, to make the LED+LCD kiosk in line with the latest green technologies, the team of Megatex has also previewed to make it work solely through the power of sunlight. A 2-square-metre large solar module could power the kiosk not only in open air places but also when used indoors by installing the panel outside the building.The company’s research team has estimated that the combination of all these measures, whose implementation will take 5 years, will lower the power consumption of information kiosks by 40%. With this step, the team aims to prove that nature preservation can lead to the creation of even more technology advancements.ABOUTMegatex designs and produces various LED products, ranging from digital clocks and thermometers to LED walls. What distinguishes not only its interactive LED+LCD kiosks but the whole spectrum of LED products, is the fact that they are all individually designed in order to address the individual needs of the company’s clients.

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