GE Lighting and Xi'an ETDZ partner on LED roadway lighting project

April 14, 2011
Date Announced: 14 Apr 2011 As part of Chinese pilot cities “10 cities, 10,000 lights” SSL application engineering project, the city of Xi'an deployed energy-saving and environment-friendly roadway lighting project by replacing 500 traditional High Pressure Sodium lamps with GE’s award-winning Evolve(tm) LED roadway lights along Mingguang Road, the second main road of its National Economic & Technological Development Zone (ETDZ). This 5,000- meter block serves as a demonstration to all municipal roads in the entire zone of a higher-efficiency lighting system.It’s estimated that upon completion of deploying the GE LED R150, a star product which won NGL 2009 Best in Class award for street/roadway lighting, the project would demonstrate each set power saving of 120W compared to the original 250W traditional High Pressure Sodium lamp, with the system effective energy saving reaching 45% and less than 20% Lumens depreciation in 500,000 hours service life.“GE LED EvolveTM R150 is a highly reliable LED solution specially designed for roadway lighting,” said Wang Guihai, General Manager of GE Lighting China LED said. “The system is the perfect fit for the needs of urban municipalities that is designed to perform 50,000- hour lifetime helps to minimize maintenance cost; its unique optical design can effectively control glare and light trespass and significantly improve the light distribution uniformity improve the road safety. The light pollution and energy reduction solution well meet the goal of Xi’an ETDZ’s Energy Saving & Environmental friendly Roadway project.”As a major project in Xi'an ETDZ, Mingguang Road project stands as a successful case in the application of GE LED R150 road light in China’s northwest region. As a result, Minguang road not only improve the light distribution uniformity, also achieves energy saving in roadway lighting of up to 45%.About GE LightingThroughout our 100-year history, GE Lighting has been committed to extending the life of lamps, increasing overall lighting efficiency and reducing energy consumption. We achieve this through our innovation, spirit and unremitting efforts that we inherited from our founder, Thomas Edison. GE Lighting divides its business into three areas, Light Emitting Diodes (LED's), Lamps and Fixtures. Combining a professional background with our market leadership in Lighting, LED has emphasis on providing a complete set of world leading LED systems and solutions that focus on environmental sustainability. Our ranges of LED lighting systems include signage, architectural lighting, transportation lighting, displaying lighting and general lighting. Our lamp business covers the complete range of lamp varieties including incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, compact fluorescent, high intensity discharge, automotive and specialty lighting. GE Specialty lighting manufactures products for the aircraft and transportation industries along with projector lamps which satisfy front, rear and video projection, medical, architectural, fiber optic, stage & studio, entertainment and theatre lighting. The business also covers a wide range of lighting systems, including commercial lighting, industrial lighting, roadway and tunnel lighting, flood lighting, area lighting and ballasts. All of our lighting products are in accordance with Six Sigma control insuring that GE's lighting products are of the highest quality standards offering unlimited lighting and enjoyment.

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