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April 25, 2011
Date Announced: 25 Apr 2011 Company LEDs-ON has been established at 2005 and from very beginning was fully dedicated to the LED business. During several years of operating on this field we gain some strength and experience to become LED Stripes and Quality Aluminum LED Profiles producer. We produce and sale led profiles and led stripes since 2005.Our products are unique, has contemporary, clean design and very good quality.We produce at present more then twenty different Aluminum LED Profiles for led stripes. Hundreds of different accessories, several different types of PC, UV, damage resistant diffusers. We adopted market highest standard when comes to the aluminum surface treatment for aluminum and all other components as diffusers or accessories. Always was and will be Quality for us on the First Place. Everything is possible,We work with very talented people who are giving the best to satisfy our customers. Form this place I would like to thank all people who stay with us over this time and work together to create something better. This is applying to the designers, equipment engineer, co-workers our customers and partners.Everything is possible because we constantly creating the new designs and we brining them to life. We have capability to design, prepare tools and extrude any kind of linear led profiles in certain quantity for our customers. We are capable to produce related accessories or handle the special length or color surface treatment for our profiles as the special requests from our customers.LEDs-ON is family owned business who owns all the designs and holds international patents for all aluminum profiles. LEDs-ON is it also protected Trade Mark.If you would like to use our products and establish long time business cooperation we will be very pleased to help you achieve this.

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