Elecosn announces 7W MR16 dimmable LED bulb that equals to 50W halogen

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The new 7W MR16 dimmable LED lamp from Elecosn is the only LED lamp that can replace 50W Halogen MR-16 lamps with similar brightness.

Most other LED lamps from other providers are not able to replace 50W halogen lamps because of insufficient brightness.

The lamp is capable of smooth dimming from 100% to 0%.
Users do not need to have a specific LED dimming controller; they can use an incandescent lamp dimming controller in combination with a halogen lamp electronic transformer to perform the dimming.
The dimming functions are integrated into the LED driver, and do not need additional signal pins (PWM dimming controller) for dimming. The bulb can keep only two pins, which is exactly the same as traditional halogen bulbs.

The LED driver does NOT incorporate a short-lifetime liquid electrolyte capacitor, so the lifecycle of the LED driver is the same as the LEDs; this guarantees the extremely long use life of the lamp.
The use-life is over 40,000 hours

The payback period based on energy consumption savings is only 6 months, assuming 24-hour operation.

Dimmable E27 bulb is available


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