eldoLED drivers with RDM and US DimWheel colour

April 29, 2011
Date Announced: 29 Apr 2011 LED dimming made beautiful !With their impeccable LED dimming and colour control, POWERdrive and LINEARdrive DC LED drivers get the best out of full-colour applications in architectural, façade, entertainment and stage lighting or signage and retail display solutions.From May 1 onwards, eldoLED will be upgrading the successful POWERdrive and LINEARdrive series to include:* RDM (explore & address): Remote Device Management makes it easy to track down and address your luminaires from an RDM capable DMX controller* Drive interpolation: further increasing dimming smoothness, even with non-perfect DMX signals* Log dimming curve: choose between lin and log dimming to suit your applicationBoth POWERdrive DC and LINEARdrive DC are UL certified (file no. E333135).LED lighting control made easy !Introducing the US version of eldoLED's powerful one-button DMX controller for LED drivers and DMX compatible luminaires: available through the eldoLED webshop as of today.Use DimWheel Colour for general white applications, applications requiring color temperature control or for static and dynamic full colour applications (RGB and RGBW/A).It is easy to install - like any household dimmer - , meeting US wall box size requirements and compatible with standard single-gang receptacle wall plates and coax wall plates. Setup is a breeze - before or after mounting.

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