Motion29 introduces energy-saving, ultra bright LED lighting

April 28, 2011
Date Announced: 28 Apr 2011 Super resilient uniform illumination to withstand severe working environmentsMotion 29, the industrial engineering solution experts, have introduced Patlite’s new CLA series of eco-friendly slim LED bar lights to complement their existing offering of lighting for the workplace. The newly released ultra bright LED technology is available in seven different sizes, to suit all applications. Waterproof (tested with pressurised water at 80°C) and dustproof, the CLA series is specifically designed to save energy without having to compromise on brightness or durability.The polycarbonate resin housing makes the lights resistant to the most severe of external conditions such as chemicals and high temperatures (withstands extreme temperatures from -40°C to +60°C). This tough protective casing reduces the risk of glass breaking and mixing with goods on the production line, making it ideal for the food and beverage industry and FMCG production lines. An added advantage of the CLA series is that it has passed ECOLAB material resistance tests performed with harsh cleaning substances which are often used in the F&B industry. Available in natural white, daylight and amber, the LED bar lights are designed to improve visibility in a range of applications and workplace situations including pharmaceuticals, automotive assembly lines, printing press machinery, refrigerator showcases and panel boxes. A variety of easy-to-install attachment brackets are available to suit all applications.A major advantage of LED technology is its straight beam which eradicates uneven bright/dark patches, simulating natural light. Patlite have used translucent material and a seamless design in their LED bar light, which creates uniform light and a wide-spanning illumination range of 120°.Summary of characteristics of the Patlite LED bar light (in comparison to a traditional fluorescent tube):• Highly reliable mercury-free LED chip which offers 10x the lifespan (40,000 additional hours of light).• Cost-saving: uses 52% less energy.*• Creates less than half the CO2 emissions .**• Does not generate as much heat (during testing reached 39.5° at room temperature after an hour as opposed to the fluorescent tube which reached 60°).

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