Aixtron Crius II qualified in Taiwan

April 21, 2011
Date Announced: 21 Apr 2011 Aachen/Germany – AIXTRON SE announced today that its latest Close Coupled Showerhead® MOCVD platform system, the CRIUS® II, has been successfully qualified for mass production within the Chi Mei Group, based in southern Taiwan, outperforming expectations as to process stability, uniformity, and throughput. Chi Mei was the first customer in Taiwan to receive the new system. The 55x2-inch wafer configuration CCS CRIUS® II was installed and commissioned by the local AIXTRON service team at facilities near the Southern Taiwan Science Park. Since then the team has been working closely with the customer to expedite the qualification process. A company representative remarked that it has been a seamless transition from the CRIUS® to the CRIUS® II due to the system’s straightforward process transfer capabilities - the unique Close Coupled Showerhead® reactor chamber technology simply requires the application of area-scaling factors. This qualified system will shortly be fully operational and will provide the shortest time-to-market for its family of HB-LED products. The CRIUS® II can easily be tuned to the optimum performance and can further be converted from 2- to 4-, 6-inch or larger wafer size production, an important factor for GaN LED manufacturing. Since larger wafer sizes play a crucial role in reducing the manufacturing cost in LED production, the CRIUS® II is the best option to increase the productivity of HB-LED manufacturing. Compared to the CRIUS®, the CRIUS® II reactor capacity has been increased from 31x2-inch to 55x2-inch wafers. Alternatively, the CRIUS® II reactor chamber can accommodate as many as 13x4-inch wafers.

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