Wide-area LED illumination by CoolLED

April 4, 2011
Date Announced: 04 Apr 2011 CoolLED has expanded its range of LED products by introducing a new unit which has been designed to create wide areas of intense flat and homogeneous light. Performance and intensity are achieved using the company’s cooled-array LED technology. Typical applications range from UV curing for manufacturing processes to in-vivo illumination for the Life Sciences.Special optics have been designed to overcome the inherent difficulties in creating flat, homogeneous light from an LED source. A square area of LED light is generated. Variation in intensity over the illuminated area is less than 5%. Maximum intensity over the illumination area is achieved by ensuring an efficient coupling of the light from the LED array.The area of illumination can be varied without loss of homogeneity by changing the working distance and refocusing the optics. For example, at a distance of 40mm, the standard optical configuration illuminates an area of 14mm x 14mm which increases to 120mm x 120mm when the distance is increased to 350mm. Custom optical configurations are available for applications requiring a different working distance / area combination.The benefits of LEDs are now being recognised as they offer instant on/off and no warm-up or cool-down time. With an incredibly long lifetime, LEDs save money and provide illumination which does not fade like a conventional lamp during its lifetime. CoolLED, a leading supplier of high-performance LED products, builds its LED products using bare LED die and is not limited by the availability of packaged LEDs. This means that LED wavelengths can be optimised for specific tests. The company is based in Andover, UK where all manufacturing takes place.For more information, contact CoolLED: www.coolled.com.


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