Sunon releases LED solution for Philips Fortimo LED SLM system 3000 lm (TA004-10003)

April 22, 2011
Date Announced: 22 Apr 2011 The Sunon high-efficiency active cooling module meets the high-power cooling requirements of the Philips Fortimo LED SLM 3000lm system, while allowing its 40W LED Spotlight to give the highest quality lighting possible.1. Stable, high-efficiency cooling helps prevent light degradation, color rolling, and failure of the LED from overheating.2. High reliability cooling fan may prolong lamps’ service life.3. Miniaturized, lightweight design allows for a compact and aesthetic LED lamp design. 4. Super-silent fan runs below the human ear’s lowest hearing range of 20 phon, often meeting the silence requirement for indoor mounted lamps.5. Sunon’s professional thermal treatment team works with your designers in creating optimal thermal fluid module plans.


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