Prizmatix releases ultra-high-power LED source (595 nm) for fluorescence microscopy

July 13, 2011
Date Announced: 13 Jul 2011 Prizmatix Ltd ( recently released a new Ultra High Power LED Light Source for Fluorescence Microscopy(in addition to previously announced Ultra High Power Fiber Coupled LED-460, 520, 630 and White).The Ultra High Power LED 595 nm provides excellent replacement of conventional arc lamp sources in fluorescence microscopy. Many applications such as activation of a light-driven ion pump like Halorhodopsin (NpHR) in Optogenetics may benefit of this new LED light source. The UHP-Mic-LED-595 provides >300mW of collimated LED power on its output. The LED driver supports CW or fast TTL triggered operation.Key Features:Compatible with Prizmatix modular Microscope-LED Light Source products familyTTL external triggeringExcellent for fluorescence excitationStable precisely adjustable powerLong life (no lamp or laser tube replacement required)Speckle freeApplications:Optogenetics (LED activation of Halorhodopsin (NpHR)Fluorescence microscopy with fluorophores Alexa Fluor 594, Texas Red,DyLight 594Whole body imaging of small animals in-vivoPhoto activation (PA)Bio analysisMachine VisionOptical Specifications:Wavelength nm 595Wavelength range nm ±5Spectrum half width nm 16Collimated optical power output mW >300Benchtop LED Current Controller Features:Constant current or chopping modesPrecise LED current setting by 10 turn dialTTL external trigger inputCompact and robust enclosure Rapid warm up time

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