Cooper Controls at Cedia Home Technology Show

July 1, 2011
Date Announced: 01 Jul 2011 Cooper Controls will be showing a selection of its Cogent LED lighting products and control options as appropriate to the home entertainment and residential markets on the booth of Marata Vision (Stand F03), at the 2011 Cedia Home Technology exhibition at London's ExCel Centre.This will include a selection of the vast white and colour changing LED lighting ranges available from the Cogent brand - incorporating ceiling and wall washing fixtures, up and down lighters and in-ground units, complete with various control solutions.On the control side, the revolutionary interactive Cogent XC LED Lighting Controller is highlighted on the stand. In addition to this it will be in action in Marata Vision's demo theatre at the exhibition, working with Sony 3D video projectors in a home cinema context, and as a user-friendly intelligent lighting controller that creates mood-changing lighting for home and family entertainment environments.Cogent LED lightsThis is a complete range of quality UK manufactured LED lighting solutions enabling versatile, cost effective, low energy ambient lighting for any space or place. The Cogent Down Lighter (DL) range goes from a single LED down-lighter to fixtures with multiple LEDs which can be adjustable or fixed depending on application and requirements. All options are available in a variety of surrounds and in warm, cold or smart (variable) white or as RGB colour changing fixtures or single coloured lights (e.g. amber, cyan, red, green, royal blue, etc).The Cogent Wall (WR/VXT/VXB) range is available with shallow recess options and different diffusions - in square, circular, circular eyelid housings, or as surface mounted wall lights, bringing a stylish contemporary look to any room.Numerous Ground/Up Lights (GR/GS/GXD/GXR) are offered as single or multiple LED units, recessed or surface mounted, with a full outdoor selection also available, again in assorted finishes, surrounds and bezels.Cogent phase dimmable LED drivers will also be shown, enabling the smooth dimming of any of the fixtures in the range.There is also a full range of Cogent replacement LED lamps, which can be used as low energy alternatives to all the popular traditional halogen bulbs like MR8, MR11, MR16, AR111, etcCogent XC ControllerIdeal for home cinemas and family entertainment rooms, the Cogent XC LED Controller harnesses innovative technology and offers an alternative interactive method for controlling colour changing LEDs. It's a unique product designed to make LED lighting control a simple plug-and-play experience.Key points are the straightforward set up and ease of use. No programming is required as the box is pre-programmed with a number of algorithmic sequences that can trigger a wide variety of lights and colour changing effects to video and audio triggers.Dynamic zoning allows groups of different lighting effects to work in one space.It is uncomplicated, cost-effective and facilitates the creation of sophisticated lighting sequences automatically - for example, the lighting in the room - or elsewhere - can be changed according to what might be being displayed on a screen. The XC Controller will be shown in situ at Cedia Home Technology in the Marata Vision demo theatre, where it will be running the room LED lights, in turn triggered by an overall room/environment technology controller. The XC controller will be changing the lights to different audio tracks and sequences as well as to a selection of video appearing on the screen.

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