FOCUS company announces Kolokol hanging LED light fixture

July 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 Jul 2011 LED light fixture intended for industrial, warehouse ans trade areas with medium and high ceilings.1. Applied with Nichia LEDs (119 series)2. Lux output: 7000 lm at 80W power consumption3. Case is made from aluminum alloy4. Degree of protection – IP65, which guarantees protection of lamps from mechanical damage and high dust resistance of the lamp.5. Easy to install and serve6. Installation height is from 6 to 20 metres7. Plug type – PG13, for cable diameters from 8 to 12 mm8. Built-in drivers, high level of electrical protection9. Color temperature – 5500 K10. Minimalistic design, which suits to all industrial, manufacture and trade areas«FOCUS” Company was founded in 2004. Our professionals have great experience in the field of optoelectronics. The company began its activities with the development and manufacture of electronics for the special lighting fixtures on the orders of other companies — manufacturers. Now we produce lighting solutions for outdoor areas (USS series), office spaces (SPO series), industrial and warehouse buildings (PS and Kolokol series), promotional billboards and facades, greenhouses, and also for landscape and architectural installations. Focus company has a lot of innovative developments, patents, and implemented projects in the sphere of energy efficient technologies. "FOCUS" positioned itself as a manufacturer of high quality products. Manufactured products satisfies the most stringent requirements for reliability. Our mission is to bring innovation to the market place and offer a greater consumer choice. We appreciate the frank and open relationship and we value our reputation of reliable partner. The "FOCUS" company was the first firm which joined the "Non-Profit Partnership for Manufacturers of LEDs and LED-based Systems," or LEDSM NP. Aims and objectives of “Non-Profit Partnership for Manufacturers of LEDs and LED-based Systems”: Mission: Actively shape the market of LED products, ensure the development of LED industry in Russia. Purposes: Non-profit partnership of producers of LEDs and systems based on them created to make all the agents of the market be responsible for development and manufacture of LED lighting. Objectives: - Protecting and increasing the efficiency of investment companies in domestic production, technology, science, education in the LED and in related areas. - Development of qualitative and quantitative market for LED technology. - Formation of the rules and norms of functioning of LED market in Russia.

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