National Parking Light Solutions and RentAlite are teaming up

July 13, 2011
Date Announced: 13 Jul 2011 National Parking Light Solutions (“NPLS”), INC based in Brentwood, Tennessee and RentAlite BV of the Netherlands with offices in Europe and the U.S. are pleased to announce that they have signed a joint cooperation agreement. NPLS extensive network in the parking garage and retail industries, along with RentAlite’s revolutionary Linear Premium Power LED fixtures create a strategic cooperation to introduce new energy efficient technologies into the parking garage world.NPLS and RentAlite:RentAlite is an innovative research and development company specializing in energy saving projects. The Premium Power LEDtechnology has proven itself in Europe over the last ten years with the LED technology originating in the horticulture sector. RentAlite transferred this innovative technology into the world's leading garage, parking and heavy industrial applications. Rentalite has over 4 years of successful garage and airport installations in Western Europe.The RentAlite model means average savings of 65%-85% without any upfront investment. The client receives the Premium Power LED fixtures at no cost and shares out of the savings they generate. The Premium Power Lights create a beautiful light display and come with a long life warranty on the fixtures. The fixtures provide a large annual profit savings when replacing T8 lamps and other conventional lighting.NPLS is comprised of leaders in the energy and parking industries including Emanual J. “Butch” Eads (former President and CEO of Central Parking Systems). NPLS is a total energy efficiency solutions provider to the parking industry. Total Package:The cooperation RentAlite and NPLS offers the client a unique turnkey value proposition unrivaled in the garage and parking structures industry. The total package enables a client to upgrade from current lighting to the energy efficient RentAlite Premium Power LED fixtures without having to spend any operating capital or incur any liabilities. NPLS and RentAlite will calculate how many lamps the client needs in the garage, install them and provide 100% financing out of the energy savings. The RentAlite model is set up in a way that the client will share the savings the LED fixtures generate with RentAlite and NPLS. This enables all clients to start saving money from day one and reduce CO2 emissions without having to make any investment. The only thing the client will have to do is look forward to significantly reduced electricity bills and beautiful new lighting.

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