Taiwan-based FZLED sees serious growth

July 14, 2011
Date Announced: 14 Jul 2011 Taipei, Taiwan – FZLED, maker of high-performance LED lighting products, is excited to announce extremely high customer-satisfaction levels and exceptional growth. FZLED has been expanding quickly with consumers embracing their numerous lines of high-quality LED bulbs that offer dust-free lighting and several innovative options, like their easy-to-operate on/off switch-dimming feature. To date, FZLED boasts customers in many countries including the UK, Canada, France, South Africa, the UAE, and the United States. Because of the popularity of FZLED’s products, the company is expanding rapidly and set to open a new manufacturing facility this month to meet the ever-increasing demand for products.Because of their extraordinary popularity, FZLED’s T8 LED Tube Lights and MR16 LED bulbs are scheduled to be the first mass-produced FZLED products to be made at the company’s soon-to-open manufacturing facility in China. Distributors in countries around the world are eager to replenish their supply of these well-made LED lighting products.FZLED is pleased to see consumers embracing the high level of quality that is present within their product lines. FZLED products are used for various lighting applications and can now be found in several countries including: Canada, Finland, France, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, the UAE, the UK,and the USA. FZLED T8 LED Tube Lights are by far the most popular, to date, and are used in a variety of ways, ranging from lighting staircases, offices, and factories, to billboards and advertisements. Also popular are the MR16 spotlight LED bulbs as well as the TriAC-dimming GU60 LED bulbs.Of particular note is the satisfaction of consumers in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and Guatemala with FZLED’s product lines. In Singapore, FZLED’s T8 LED Tube Lights are being used for signboards on expressways and providing dust-free room lighting in a variety of settings. The easy-to-use, built-in, on/off switch-dimming feature of the Tube Lights make them excellently suited for residential-use, by allowing users to easily switch between light-intensity levels of 12%, 25%, 50%, and 100%. When used at the 12% light-intensity level, they are able to provide over fifty-percent in energy savings, as compared to traditional lighting products. In Malaysia, T8 LED Tube Lights bearing the FZLED brand are even being used in government buildings, demonstrating their high level of quality and exceptional value-for-money. In Japan, FZLED’s T8 LED Tube Lights are currently used for lighting advertisements, offices, and even warehouses. Finally, in Guatemala, FZLED’s high-quality GU60 LED bulbs are providing light in meeting rooms and an exhibition center. Additionally, Guatemalans are using FZLED’s 5-watt MR16 spotlighting LED bulbs to illuminate display cabinets.For product specifications and pictures of FZLED’s products visit http://www.fzled.com.tw/products.phpAs an up-and-coming LED developer and manufacturer, FZLED is excited and encouraged by consumers’ positive response to current product lines. As expansion and innovation continues, FZLED remains committed to offering the highest quality LED lighting solutions possible. To learn more about FZLED’s case-studies and their customers’s application of products, visit the company website at http://www.FZLED.com.tw.About FZLEDFZLED is a Taiwan-based developer and manufacturer of high-performance LED lighting products. As a sub-division of FZTech Inc., FZLED's products have superior mechanical and thermal designs, utilizing the expertise of FZTech. Committed to excellence, FZLED follows a strict TQC for the entire manufacturing processTaiwan-based FZLED Sees Serious Growth, and conducts R&D projects continuously in an effort to create LED lighting solutions that offer light-weight, high-quality, environmentally-friendly, innovative, and thermally-optimized products to consumers. For more information visit FZLED online at http://www.fzled.com.tw.

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