LEDnovation intros 50W-equivalent replacement MR16 lamp

July 5, 2011
Date Announced: 05 Jul 2011 LEDnovation (Tampa, FL) has expanded its EnhanceLite LED MR16 line to include a dimmable, 50W-equivalent replacement lamp.The 12V lamp provides a center-beam candle power (CBCP) of 7360 cd at 7.9W and an efficacy of 57 lm/W. According to Bill Blackley, VP of business development at LEDnovation, the new lamp line is notable for its design with ANSI bulb dimensions, unlike competing products.Blackley added that while the lamp line currently is not Energy Star certified, the company is completing utility rebate forms on behalf of its customers.+++ Press Release +++LEDnovation, a preeminent developer of LED lighting and replacement lamp technology, today expanded its EnhanceLite® LED MR16 line to include the first in a series of 50W equivalent (50W Eq) replacement MR16 lamps. The initial offering boasts a CBCP of 7360 cd at 7.9W and an efficacy of 57 lm/W. With a narrow spot beam angle of 11 degrees, this 50W Eq EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50 is an optimum replacement for energy wasting, low-voltage halogen MR16 lamps widely used throughout the gaming industry in casinos and other hospitality venues. An LED lighting first, it offers true 50W equivalent performance, Energy-Star compliance, and standard ANSI form factor fit. As with all EnhanceLite® LED MR16 products, the new 50W Eq offers an industry-best level of quality in a package that is sized for exact fit into any standard MR16 fixture and is compatible with most transformers.Israel J. Morejon, CEO and president of LEDnovation, commented, "Our new 50W Eq LED MR16-50 is the culmination of an extensive period of research and development in which we achieved new heights of efficiency in optical, electrical and thermal design. To handle the increased power and required heat dissipation, our engineers coupled system-specific passive thermal management with a high performance driver and efficient optics." Mr. Morejon continued, "The result is an impressive lamp with tight zonal distribution and beam angle, excellent CBCP, and Energy Star compliance. It represents the very best in LED lighting design, providing high-quality LED light with true 50-watt halogen MR16 equivalency. The progressive nature of this design will adapt well to upcoming models of the EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50 lamp."LED lighting continues to gain acceptance for a growing number of applications by providing superior performance, higher efficacy and longer lifetimes. High quality LED lamps, such as the EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50, are delivering improved lighting performance while reducing electricity consumption by over 80% when compared to the inefficient, heat-wasting halogen reflector lamps that they replace. With more than 15 times the lifetime of an equivalent halogen MR16 lamp, LEDnovation's energy efficient EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50 reduces the frequency of replacement, an important attribute for the 24 hour world of gaming and hospitality.LEDnovation's EnhanceLite® line comes with a performance backed, 3-year warranty, which assures customers will see the kind of product lifetime and performance they expect from an LED lamp. The EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50 lamps are available now in a 11° narrow spot beam angle with additional beam angles available soon. The EnhanceLite® MR16 offers a warm white 3000K color temperature, and CRI of 80.EnhanceLite® LED MR16-50 GU5.3 Lamp DetailsEnhanceLite® MR16 LED - 7.9W, 450lm, 7360 CBCP (11 degree beam angle) - designed for applications currently served by 50W halogen lamps.Note: All specifications are typical valuesAll LEDnovation lamp models are tested for photometric performance in accredited third-party labs according to IES LM-79 requirements, and the company posts its reports online. These commercial-grade models are rated for a minimum 35,000-hour lifetime, carry a 3-year warranty and unlike many LED replacement lamp offerings, fully conform to ANSI standard form factors to assure compatibility with existing fixtures. The EnhanceLite™ MR16-20, MR16-35, and MR16-50 models are in production and shipping now.About LEDnovationOffering a full complement of LED replacement bulbs, LEDnovation is leading innovation in the field of solid state lighting. Solid state, or LED lighting generates light from complex semiconductor materials, eliminating much of the wasted energy that has been inherent to electric light-generation for over a century. By combining multi-disciplinary strengths in electronic systems, power supplies, thermal and optics design, LEDnovation has succeeded in developing one of the highest efficacy warm white LED replacement lamps available, offering a winning business case and rapid return on investment to commercial clients and property operators. The company is headquartered in Tampa, Florida and manufactures its products in North America. For more information, visit www.LEDnovation.com or call +1 (813) 891-9665.

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