Relume Technologies launches sales tools for retrofit street lamps

July 11, 2011
Date Announced: 11 Jul 2011 Oxford, Mich. -– Relume Technologies, a leading manufacturer of LED products and smart grid control systems for outdoor lighting applications, is introducing new, turbo-charged sales tools demonstrating why its patented family of outdoor street lighting Retrofit LED products are the industry standard in North America.New branding has been introduced on the redesigned Retrofit website, as well as new brochures, sales sheets, specification sheets and customer training presentations to better demonstrate how Relume’s Street Lighting Retrofit systems with patented Silver Circuitry are the longest lasting LED products on the market, as well as reduce energy costs up to 85% and maintenance costs up to 80% for long lasting output no matter where the project is located or its hot or cold environment. Relume has compiled impressive data manifest in recent studies of several municipal customers who saved significant amounts of energy and money – up to $100,000 annually – by installing Relume Retrofit products. Relume's Family of Retrofit products allow municipalities to retain the charm of nearly every classic decorative design – acorn, teardrop, lantern, top hat and carriage style. Installation is easy and Relume light engines are designed to work with most commonly used decorative lighting castings. All light engines can be ordered in 3500 K, 4500 K and 6000K color temperatures. All Relume LED products are designed to give full life in the harshest environments. The Relume UA and Fixed Retrofit Kits are Sentinel Control compatible for even more potential energy savings. Municipalities can realize substantial additional cost savings and emission reductions, now and future, while enhancing the safety, security and well-being of residents by controlling their entire lighting network. The Sentinel System is web based and therefore very user friendly. It is the only networked lighting control and monitoring system to use secure FCC-allocated, Public Service radio channels. Sentinel™ allows cities large and small to turn on/off or dim individual lamps, zones, or arbitrary groups; integrated with emergency services; and detect individual lamp outages, irregular operation, lamp failure, ambient light status, and lamp burn time. Unlike other streetlight control systems, there are no monthly or annual data communication charges that must be paid to cellular, GPRS, ADSL, WI-FI or WIMAX providers or secondary monitoring companies because communication across a city’s public safety bands is free and the customer wholly owns the Sentinel System.Financing options are available for both public and private sectors.About Relume TechnologiesRelume Technologies is a Michigan-based manufacturer of highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective LED lighting products and control systems with sales outlets in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Relume products are used in municipal lighting, commercial signage, outdoor advertising, transportation, and US military applications. Relume Technologies is a founding member of the Michigan Solid State Lighting Association, and supports the organization’s mission of ensuring that Michigan is a global leader in solid-state lighting, research & development, and manufacturing. It was recently recognized as one of Michigan’s 50 Companies to Watch by the Edward Lowe Foundation. Relume’s LED outdoor lights use 40 percent less electricity than conventional streetlights and last up to six times longer. The substantial savings in reduced energy and maintenance costs results in an average payback on investment of less than four years.

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