MHA Lighting saves Roadchef 70% on service station lighting costs

July 20, 2011
Date Announced: 20 Jul 2011 Award winning LED specialist MHA Lighting has saved Motorway Service Area (MSA) operator Roadchef 70% on lighting costs at one of its biggest services.Roadchef selected MHA Lighting as the supplier of LED lighting during the refurbishment of the northbound petrol forecourt at its Strensham MSA.The forecourt has been rebranded Texaco by Chevron, who own Texaco and has been using MHA Lighting’s patented LED technology since September 2010. As the only approved supplier of LEDs to Chevron-Texaco, MHA Lighting has now installed energy efficient canopy lighting at more than 70 Chevron-Texaco forecourts, as well as a large number of independent forecourts. MHA Lighting MD Tom Harrison said: “We were delighted that Roadchef selected us as its supplier for such a prestigious project at one of its biggest service stations.“A total of 86 Under Canopy LED fittings (82 watts each) replaced an equivalent number of 250 watt Halides - reducing C02 emissions by a staggering 585 tonnes over the product lifetime.“The metal Halides were one of the biggest overheads but our energy efficient LED solutions will create cost savings of up to 70%. “The lights will also run for 60,000 hours maintenance free. This means the Strensham installation will last for 12 years – based on average operation of 14 hours per day, seven days per week.”MHA’s patented LED technology is unique. Unlike other LED technologies, the light is not shone directly out. It is shone sideways and reflected out in a uniformly distributed manner.This achieves the photometric performance of traditional lamps whilst offering all of the benefits of LED in terms of energy and financial savings and offers a long and maintenance free life.MHA’s canopy range is available with both symmetrical and asymmetrical reflectors. This allows for flexible lighting design so light can be directed back into the forecourt instead of causing light pollution in external areas.Tom added: “MHA’s canopy lights offer many additional benefits to the petroleum forecourt industry, including enhanced retailing opportunities through better illumination as well as the energy and financial benefits. “We are thrilled to be working with Roadchef on this landmark project.”Simon Tul, CEO of Roadchef, commented: “We are delighted with the result of MHA Lighting’s recent installation, which will help us provide clean and consistent illumination in our refurbished forecourt. “The quality of the LED lights also improves safety and security at the forecourt by making our CCTV much clearer. MHA Lighting completed the project quickly and with minimal disruption to our business, which, because of the volume of customers using Strensham, was essential.”For more information about MHA Lighting and its patented award-winning technology please visit www.mhalighting.comMHA Lighting has been in operation since December 2009 and is a subsidiary company of MHA Int-Elect, which has more than 10 years’ experience in designing and developing innovative electronic solutions.The company employs around 30 people at its facility in Atherton.Fully approved and accredited, this unique and patented technology successfully delivers the advantages of ‘traditional lighting’ - uniformly distributed, glare-free and safe viewing, clean, fresh light - from an LED lighting solution. MHA lighting uses award-winning patented Luminanz technology in the design and manufacture if all its products.All of MHA lights come as fully sealed units and are designed for durability. The rugged and robust design will not break or explode like standard fluorescents. In addition to under canopy, MHA Lighting has a range of fittings for exterior applications including floodlights, signage, perimeter lighting, car parks, and interior applications in retail stores, offices, warehouses, factories and leisure facilities.

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