Zett Optics-group expands in the market for energy-efficient lighting systems and luminaires

July 15, 2011
Date Announced: 15 Jul 2011 Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany – ZETT OPTICS-group, development and manufacturing partner of well-known industrial providers in the field of lighting technology, has acquired major assets of LITE-LICHT GmbH headquartered in Herzebrock-Clarholz. With its three brands LITE-LICHT, StarLicht and itec LITE-LICHT GmbH belongs to the leading mid-tier companies in the area of energy efficient lighting technology. ”This transaction provides a great potential in combining ZETT OPTICS’ experience in LED technology with the product range of LITE-LICHT to even better meet our customers’ requirements by now being able to offer an extended product portfolio.” Matthias Dämmig, managing director of ZETT OPTICS, explains. The newly founded company will trade under the name ZETT LITE LIGHTING GmbH (“ZLL”).By acquiring major assets of LITE-LICHT GmbH, ZETT OPTICS-group is enabled to adopt its LED technology expertise also in the field of general lighting. Thus ZETT OPTICS will dispose of more access channels to the market of energy efficient lighting solutions and will simultaneously receive an up-to-date product range for the professional and private application area. Additionally, ZETT OPTICS will benefit from the wide experience LITE-LICHT has acquired over many years in developing new products for the needs of consumers, architects, lighting designers, electricians and retail business. For this reason the traditional brands LITE-LICHT, StarLicht and itec will continue to be managed under the umbrella of the newly founded ZETT LITE LIGHTING (“ZLL”).As of July 1, 2011 Thomas Willing (54) and Marcus Liehr (36) were appointed managing directors of ZLL. With Thomas Willing, who obtained his wide managerial background in logistics and international business while working as managing director at, for example, Avery Dennison Central Europe GmbH and häussermann GmbH & Co. KG, signs up as spokesperson for the management board of ZETT LITE LIGHTING. “I look forward to the new challenge working in an innovative and exciting environment, that actually is in the state of a sustainable change, especially caused by the latest developments of LED technology.“, comments Thomas Willing. Marcus Liehr, formerly managing director of LITE-LICHT GmbH, is the guarantor for continuity in cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees of ZLL.About 140 employees are working at the headquarter of the newly founded ZETT LITE LIGHTING in Herzebrock-Clarholz. In addition to the production facility and logistics centre at the German headquarter the group is also operating a manufacturing plant in China. The European distribution will be carried out by own sales companies as well as in cooperation with trading partners. “As a part of ZETT-group we are able to join the strengths of LITE-LICHT with the expertise of ZETT-OPTICS in the leading future market of LED technology.”, outlines the new management the advantages for customers and market.Brief portrait of ZETT LITE LIGHTING GmbH ZETT LITE LIGHTING GmbH traces back to LITE-LICHT GmbH founded in 1948 and based in Herzebrock-Clarholz, Germany. The company develops and sells innovative and energy efficient lighting systems. With its three brands LITE-LICHT, StarLicht and itec ZETT LITE LIGHTING is offering individual lighting solutions for high-end and design-oriented requirements in the industrial, representative and private field of application. The most important goal of product development is to create luminaries for improving people's everyday life and workplace situation. Consequently, all light fittings are designed in the way to meet both aesthetic and functional requirements as well as supporting people's well-being and health. At the business location Herzebrock-Clarholz the company puts its faith in the latest and environmentally sound manufacturing methods to produce innovative lighting solutions at consistently high international quality standards in accordance with ISO 14001 and ISO 9001. More information can be found at www.enjoy-light.de.Brief portrait of ZETT OPTICS GmbH ZETT OPTICS GmbH, headquartered in Braunschweig, Germany, has been emerged from 1928 founded Zett Projektion GmbH. ZETT OPTICS is a leading system provider for lighting solutions in the medical and laboratory area and other high-end applications. With approximately 60 employees, ZETT OPTICS is a development partner and supplier of distinguished global enterprises operating in the above mentioned sectors. Since the separation from Leica-group in 2004 the company has been focused on the today’s market segment with great success and has achieved growth far above the industry average in Germany and abroad. Thanks to its engineering and development expertise and being part of a close research network ZETT OPTICS has obtained a strong position in the field of LED technology. Medical luminaires, cold light sources for microscopy, other high-end lighting elements in plastic moulding technology as well as optical assemblies in precision are examples for the developed and manufactured products by ZETT OPTICS. Shareholder of ZETT OPTICS is Ventizz-group (www.ventizz.de), a Private Equity company focused on long-term investments in growth projects of medium-sized technology companies. More information can be found at www.zett-optics.com.

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