Lesco introduces LED spot curing system

July 5, 2011
Date Announced: 05 Jul 2011 The Lesco "Spectrum 365 LED" UVA high-intensity spot curing system offers many advantages over conventional spot curing systems including...no bulbs to change, cool cures, no warm-up, low power consumption and constant intensity for tens of thousands of hours. The "Spectrum 365 LED" UVA generates curing energy using high-intensity LEDs. This system emits maximum light intensity output through industry standard fiber optic light guides, and allows users to adjust intensity output from 10% to 100%. This system is the first direct replacement in the industry for existing spot cure systems using old arc lamp technology. Phil Smith Director of Sales for Lesco states “the Spectrum 365 LED UVA is excellent for spot curing of existing chemistries due to its 365NM peak output….the majority of our competitors are using 390NM peak which is not optimum for existing chemistries…..the Spectrum 365 LED can be substituted into existing processes and be guaranteed to work in replacement of old arc lamp technology…. A first in the industry. Lesco’s patented system delivers up to 10 W/CM2 of intensity through a standard light guide” Please contact Phil Smith at [email protected] or phone 310-784-2930 for Demo or any questions related to this product.


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