SMD lighting to reduce energy costs by over 60%

July 10, 2011
Date Announced: 10 Jul 2011 Ronfell Group are experts in the field of energy efficiency and with years of experience they have made a breakthrough in lighting technology. Technology that can save around 68% on lighting costs and technology that reduces Co2 emissions by 60%; it’s called SMD lighting.SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device and was the first ever LED light to directly replace T8 1200 mm fluorescent tubes. This innovative technology uses 21 watts less than its non-LED predecessor yet produces the same light output, with a cleaner and brighter light. SMD lamps are made using specially developed electronic strip modules with acrylic outer cover tubes made to a high specification standard. Ronfell Group guarantee ultra-long life and durability with these products that can last up to ten times longer than traditional fluorescent lights - that’s over 60,000 hours of life in constant use - and with a payback time of less than two years, you can save around £50 per twin fitting in just one year.Ronfell Group have also designed and manufactured these lights to be suitable for any use, including domestic, commercial and industrial. Ronfell have used this innovative energy saving technology in a range of lighting products including floodlights, streetlights and high bay lighting to name a few, which means that SMD lights can be used anywhere. These SMD luminaires also meet food safety requirements, as they are fully shatterproof to IK7 standards. They also contain no gasses or mercury, allowing regular disposal, 100% safety guaranteed and peace of mind.All Ronfell products have been CE and RoHS approved and what’s more, all Ronfell SMD products qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. Qualifying businesses could also benefit from an interest free loan courtesy of The Carbon Trust to cover product installation costs. To find out whether you’re eligible call Ronfell Group and enquire about The Carbon Trust’s loans.

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