Flexible RGB strips with DMX addresses available now from PAS-NGL

July 4, 2011
Date Announced: 04 Jul 2011 PAS-NGL proudly announce the availability of a flexible silicon LED Strip with addressable Pixels in both DMX or IIC. The reels are available in 5 and 10 meters length or can be ordered in specific lengths.There are 80 or 160 DMX addressable pixels per 5 or 10 meter. 3-in-1 5050 RGB SMD leds are used. Controllers in both IIC or DMX are available. These strips can realize hundreds of patterns of colors syncronsation , sequence, chasing, rolling, crossfading etc...IIC controller can control 1024 pixels or 64 meter lengthwhen used in a matrix, a combination of 128 universes is possible.Operation voltage is 12 volt, Power is +-12 watt per meterPAS-NGL is looking for distributors in Europe, ASIA and US.

Erwin Eeckhaut PAS-NGL Bergemeersenstraat 137 9300 AALST Belgium

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Web Site:www.nextgenerationled.be