Relume Technologies products earn Design Lights Consortium approval

July 21, 2011
Date Announced: 21 Jul 2011 (Oxford, Mich.) – Relume Technologies, a leading manufacturer of light-emitting diode (LED) products and smart grid control systems for outdoor lighting applications, announced today that eight of its outdoor pole/arm mounted area and roadway luminaries have been added to the Qualified Products List for the Design Lights Consortium, a bi-national list of qualified LED fixture qualifies.“Relume is pleased to have more of its products recognized for their high efficiency and unparalleled long-life in solid state lighting,” said Relume CEO Crawford Lipsey. “Relume is commited to quality and energy efficiency and will continually work toward achieving more recognition for its products.”Recently approved products include:“Outdoor Pole/Arm Mounted Area and Roadway Luminaires” ParkVue Series (5500K)•PS1•PS1(T3)•PS1-HOVue Series (4300K)•VUE 100HE•VUE 150•VUE 150HE•VUE 250•VUE 320HEFor a complete list of qualified products see the QPL which can be accessed through the DLC website at www.DesignLights.orgAbout Relume Technologies:Relume Technologies is a Michigan-based manufacturer of highly efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost effective LED lighting products and control systems with sales outlets in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East. Relume products are used in municipal lighting, commercial signage, outdoor advertising, transportation, and US military applications. Relume Technologies is a founding member of the Michigan Solid State Lighting Association, and supports the organization’s mission of ensuring that Michigan is a global leader in solid-state lighting, research & development, and manufacturing. It was recently recognized as one of Michigan’s 50 Companies to Watch by the Edward Lowe Foundation. Relume’s LED outdoor lights use 40 percent less electricity than conventional streetlights and last up to six times longer. The substantial savings in reduced energy and maintenance costs results in an average payback on investment of less than four years.

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