Future Lighting Solutions assists enLighten Australia in designing and implementing patented chamaeleon as low-energy lighting replacement

July 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 Jul 2011 Montreal, Canada – Future Lighting Solutions is pleased to announce a successful collaboration with enLighten Australia, in designing and implementing a low energy replacement for multi-purpose lighting in commercial environments where traditional lighting is fluorescent and in use 24/7.The project required an analysis of how the market currently uses multi-purpose lighting for areas such as fire stairs and back rooms, which wastes a lot of light and therefore a lot of energy. The first step was to investigate the way such spaces are used and how they are lit, in order to identify key issues and to determine the most effective, efficient solutions. Future Lighting Solutions worked closely with enLighten Australia’s team in the LED selection process and subsequent proofing of the thermal designs. The resulting product, the Chamaeleon, was patented in January 2011, with the first full scale commercial installation implemented just 4 months after it was first theorized. The Chamaeleon realizes an energy reduction of up to 93%, lighting spaces at minimum levels when the area is unoccupied and increasing to higher levels when in operation. It meets all existing infrastructure as well as regulatory requirements, and is designed so it can also double as an emergency light or a standard lighting fixture.David Whitfield, CEO of enLighten Australia, explained, “The involvement of Future Lighting Solutions has been a key to this success, not just for the Chamaeleon solution, but with other innovative and highly efficient lighting products which are currently in development.”Darren Miruzzi of Future Lighting Solutions, who worked on a technical level as the Engineer for the project, noted, “Our Lighting Resource Center in Shenzhen has played an integral role on several more of enLighten Australia’s luminaires, conducting thermal analysis and simulations to meet lighting standard requirements. enLighten Australia’s confidence in our Lighting Resource Center and continuous strive to develop energy efficient lighting solutions together is proof that Future Lighting Solutions can and will make all lighting solutions simple.”About enLighten Australia enLighten Australia’s focus is on delivering real energy savings. Through LED lighting, the enLighten Australia joins with clients in having a significant impact on green house gas emissions and a company's bottom line. enLighten Australia has built a management team that knows its product, understands its market, and has a vision for the future. The balance of creativity, product knowledge and market requirements uniquely positions the team to provide innovative, practical solutions to energy efficient lighting requirements.About Future Lighting SolutionsFuture Lighting Solutions is a leading provider of solid-state lighting technologies, engineering expertise and online simulation and design tools to facilitate application development and accelerate customers’ time to market. Our comprehensive portfolio includes a broad selection of LED system components, as well as integrated or customized solutions to enable cost effective, energy efficient lighting applications. From retrofitting bulbs to building LED systems from the ground up, we offer industry leading LEDs, optical solutions, power modules and ICs, passive and active thermal solutions, light engines, modular systems, planar lighting and remote phosphor technologies. Our world-class team of lighting experts, along with our global lighting resource centers, supply chain solutions and network of specialized partners, ensures the highest quality solid-state lighting solutions for customers.The company is a division of Future Electronics. For more information visit: www.FutureLightingSolutions.com.

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