Verdi Semiconductor offers RAIS evaluation board

July 12, 2011
Date Announced: 12 Jul 2011 Verdi Semiconductor has developed the combined RAIS and RUB evaluation board to allow testing and development of applications using the ICs.The extra large evaluation board allows flexibility with numerous component selection and measurement possibilities. It is shipped to drive as follows:Vin = 120V, LED Vf = 9V, Output = 1.5WVin = 120V, LED Vf = 15V, Output = 2.4WVin = 120V, LED Vf = 18V, Output = 2.3WVin = 230V, LED Vf = 10V, Output = 3.2WVin = 230V, LED Vf = 15V, Output = 4.8WVin = 230V, LED Vf = 18V, Output = 5.6WEval Board Specification :- Input voltage range: 20v - 450Vdc- Input frequency: DC - 20KHz- Output voltage range: 5v - 250Vdc- Output current: 0-750mA RMS- Power Factor: >0.9- Typical Efficiency: 83-91%- TRIAC dimmer compatibility: YES- IC package: WLCSP 1.6 x 2.6mm per IC - Easily replaceable IC DIL carrierTo demonstrate the versatility of RAIS, the evaluation board can be set up for a multitude of drive configurations. For example conversion of HV or AC LEDs to TRIAC compatible, HPF, and low flicker electrolytic free variants. Further examples below can be achieved by changing just the IMLCL components showing just how flexible the RAIS chip is.Vin = 120V, LED Vf = 5V, Output = 1.5WVin = 120V, LED Vf = 50V, Output = 4.35WVin = 120V, LED Vf = 212V, Output = 2.2WVin = 230V, LED Vf = 50V, Output = 4.8WVin = 230V, LED Vf = 227V, Output = 5WExample: A 1" (25mm) diameter 5W RAIS PCB replaces a 3W wattless dropper with the benefit of HPF and lower voltage LED use if desired. Lower system capacitance negates the need for electrolytic capacitors. There is also the reduction of output flicker and TRIAC compatibility.Please Register Here your interest in the evaluation board. The initial production run will be based on allocation in response to this news letter. They are priced at $1,250 each plus shipping.

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