Lumex and element14 partnership to enhance LED and LCD portfolio across Asia Pacific

July 6, 2011
Date Announced: 06 Jul 2011 Lumex and element14 announce a strategic partnership created to enhance LED and LCD product portfolios across Asia Pacific. The new partnership strengthens the global distribution agreement between two industry leaders. Lumex is a global leader in optoelectronics, offering the broadest range of high efficiency, high performance LEDs and LCDs in the industry. element14 (formerly Farnell) is the industry’s first fusion of commerce and community supporting millions of engineers and purchasing professionals worldwide. The strategic partnership allows electronic design engineers in the Asia Pacific to acquire a comprehensive range of over 8,000 Lumex optoelectronic components from element14’s inventory of 130,000 products. With thousands of standard products and a focus on semi-custom and custom designs, Lumex's optical range encompasses a wide spectrum including UV, visible and infrared wavelengths.Lumex products are now available via element14’s high service, multi-channel distribution with no minimum order quantities. Specifically electronic design engineers in Asia Pacific will have access to leading LED and LCD technologies from a number of product families including:•QuasarBrite™ LEDsIncludes both through-hole and SMT technologies as well as LED arrays, LED light bars, LED indicators, LED displays, infrared and UV LEDs. The family includes the new surface mounted QuasarBrite 0404 RGB LED with the smallest RGB LED package available today. Another popular QuasarBrite technology is the QuasarBrite High-Temperature Seven-Segment numeric LED display capable of providing bright display performance in market-leading temperature ranges up to 105°C (compared to 85°C for standard displays).•InfoVue™ LCDsAvailable in both standard and extreme temperature formats. Lumex’s InfoVue™ Extreme Temperature series of high-duty LCD displays provides industry-leading performance in extreme heat or extreme cold (-40˚C to +85˚C). •TitanBrite High Power LEDsOver 10 different high-power TitanBrite High Power LED technologies, including 1W, 2W, 3W, 5W and 10W sizes, through-hole and SMT offerings as well as standard and RGB formats.•QuantumBrite™ BacklightsA wide variety of chips-on-board and edge lit backlight technologies, this family features the new QuantumBrite Flexible LED backlight. Customizable in any shape, size, and color, QuantumBrite Flexible LED Backlights are up to 88% thinner and can cost up to 80% less than standard LED backlight technology.•TransBrite™ Light PipesLight pipes in both standard and custom formats created with state-of-the-art ray trace software with precise 3D CAD/CAM models to ensure optimal design for light transmittance. The family includes the new patented Halo Ring™ light pipe that adds visible dual-color indicator lights on switches with efficiency and performance unmatched in the market today. •SunBrite General IlluminationThese innovative technologies are well suited for a variety of applications including industrial controls, communications equipment, personal electronics, medical device, security, small space and accent lighting. “We are delighted to establish a partnership with Lumex in Asia-Pacific,” says William Chong, Regional Director of Supplier, Product & Purchasing Management, element14. “As element 14 continues to support the growing needs of the Asia Pacific region, we maintain our strict focus on providing customers with access to the most innovative and industry-leading products and services available on the market. The addition of Lumex products to element14’s inventory will provide customers even more innovative solutions to meet their business objectives”“The unique service offering element14 provides customers in the Asia Pacific region made them an ideal strategic partner for Lumex,” explained Richard Hsieh, General Manager at Lumex Taiwan. “Customers can purchase with ease and flexibility via multiple channels with no minimum quantity or value, and next day delivery.”element 14 provides 24/7 telephone customer service and local language assistance. In addition, customers can also visit and engage with the element14 online community to research, consult industry experts, and collaborate with design engineers and electronics enthusiasts around the globe.

Lumex Contact Information For additional information or engineering assistance: In North America and Europe, contact Lumex’s Sales Department, 290 E. Helen Rd., Palatine, IL 60067 USA. Phone: 1-800-278-5666. FAX: 1-847-359-8904. E-mail: [email protected] Web: In Asia, contact Lumex's Asian Pacific Headquarters at 3F, No. 972, Sec. 4, Chung Hsing Rd., Chu Dung, Hsin Chu County, Taiwan, ROC. Phone: +886-3-582-1124. FAX: +886-3-582-1154. Web (in Chinese): About Lumex For 30 years Lumex has been a global leader in the optoelectronics industry, with the broadest range of high efficiency, high performance LEDs and LCDs in the industry. With thousands of standard products and a focus on semi-custom and custom designs, Lumex is a valuable resource for quality and innovation. Lumex's optical range encompasses a wide spectrum including UV, visible and infrared wavelengths. Lumex's team of Technical Design Specialists are experts in collaboratively developing effective, smart solutions from the most complex design dilemmas. Lumex has a global footprint with the worldwide headquarters outside Chicago and the Asian headquarters in Taiwan. With manufacturing capabilities in the United States, China, Taiwan and Thailand, Lumex is able to support over 23 end markets with more than 80,000 customers both directly and through our distribution channel partners. Over the last 30 years, the name Lumex has become synonymous with quality and performance around the world. About ITW Photonics Group The ITW Photonics Group was created to bring together and build on the technical expertise of individual companies that specialize in photonics technology and span the full spectrum of wavelengths. The group consists of: * Lumex - LED and LCD technology * Cal Sensors - IR Detector and Emitter technology * Opto Diode Corp - LED, Silicon Photodiodes and Electro-Optical Assembly technology The synergy of these three industry front-runners provides an unsurpassed range of photonic capabilities within a broad spectrum of markets, including medical, military and industrial controls. The ITW Photonics Group provides integrated solutions that encompass the technology and experience from all three business units, offering design engineers higher performance with greater feature enhancements. About element14 element14 offers 130,000 products, for next-day delivery in most cities in Asia Pacific from its three distribution hubs located in Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney. The company offers 24/7 telephone support for customers, 24/5 online technical support, and catalogue sales, with a hassle-free return policy. This eCommerce site is integrated with the Group’s global online Community portal ( Worldwide, element14 is the first collaborative community, research portal and eCommerce website for design engineers and electronics enthusiasts. The website provides product data, design tools, technology information and top brand components to seamlessly facilitate the design process; users can consult industry experts and collaborate with peers around the globe. element14 online Community is sponsored by Premier Farnell plc (LSE: pfl). For more information visit the website: Australia: China: Korea: Hong Kong: India: Malaysia: New Zealand: Philippines: Singapore: Taiwan: Thailand: About Premier Farnell Premier Farnell plc is leading the way in the high service, multi-channel provision of essential products, information, software and technology solutions to electronic design engineers, maintenance and repair engineers and purchasing professionals globally. Its differentiated proposition includes 29 local language transactional websites, and the critically important element14 ecommunity for design engineers – an industry first ( With sales last year of £990.8m and underlying profits of £93.3m the Group distributes its comprehensive portfolio of products and services throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, supported by a global supply chain of over 3,500 suppliers and an inventory profile developed to anticipate and meet its customers’ needs. Recently awarded Platinum status by the Business in the Community Corporate Responsibility Index the business takes its CSR commitments very seriously. While global in scope, Premier Farnell recognises the individual needs of each market and has continued to internationalise its model accordingly, trading locally under different brand names. Its primary electronics businesses trade as Farnell in Europe, Newark in the US, Canada and Mexico and Farnell Newark in Brazil. Across Asia Pacific the business trades as element14. Key facts •Operations in 35 countries •4,100 employees •Over 2 million customer contacts in 156 industries •Over 3,500 leading suppliers •Over 400,000 products stocked with access to over four million more on demand •Global leader in legislation RoHS, WEEE, REACH For more information visit the website at

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