Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. achieves more than 10,000 hours lifetime on UVTOP ultraviolet LEDs

July 11, 2011
Date Announced: 11 Jul 2011 Columbia, SC, US – Under its continuous improvement program, Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETi) has demonstrated lifetime of over 10,000 hours on its UVTOP275 LEDs. The lifetime demonstration has been performed on a statistically valid group of LEDs from several batches which are representative of UVTOP275 products; the LEDs were packaged in TO-39 metal-glass packages with flat windows and emit at a wavelength of 280nm ±5nm at an average power of 0.8mW after burn-in.Lifetime analysis was performed to SETi standard procedure; driven with a current of 20mA DC at room temperature (approximately 23⁰C ambient) with no heatsink or thermal management. The LEDs were physically life tested to approximately 2,000 hours and L50 levels (50% of the LED’s original power) modeled from these tests.This demonstration represents a massive leap in operational performance for SETi and far exceeds lifetime for other conventional UV light sources. Based in Columbia, SC, SETi manufactures LEDs from 240nm through 360nm, all manufactured in compliance to ISO9001 certification and is currently the leading commercial manufacturer of UV LEDs shorter than 365nm.While this lifetime has not been released in the UVTOP product specifications, SETi does expect its UVTOP275 LEDs to exhibit L50 lifetimes approaching 5,000 hours and is developing future products to meet extended lifetime specs.

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