Heraeus Noblelight launches NobleProbe, a powerful measuring instrument for UV LEDs

July 28, 2011
Date Announced: 28 Jul 2011 Powerful UV LED special light sources require adequate measuring instruments to measure irradiance. In addition to its UV LED units, Heraeus Noblelight also supplies appropriate measuring instruments. Often, monochromatic light sources such as LEDs are measured using conventional measuring devices which are calibrated for broadband gas discharge lamps. This may yield imprecise results from which incorrect conclusions are drawn, which then may lead to unreliable processes. Heraeus Noblelight, a leading manufacturer of special light sources, has now extended its product range to include a measuring instrument specifically for UV LEDs: NobleProbe®. The UV LED meter can be used to take precise measurements of irradiance in the near UV range. NobleProbe® is designed to determine irradiance within a wide measuring range from 1 mW/cm² to 100 W/cm² at wavelengths of between 365 nm and 460 nm. The meter's temperature-insensitive detector is optimised for LED applications and therefore ideal for the narrow-band spectral emission range. NobleProbe® is a CE-compliant measuring instrument with battery operation for mobile as well as stationary use. Its small size (145 mm x 63 mm x 30 mm LxWxH) and low weight (150 g) make the NobleProbe® a universal UV LED measuring instrument.The device can be stored at temperatures between -10° and 50° C and take measurements at an ambient temperature of 5°C to 40°C. The results can be viewed immediately on the graphical LCD display, stored, and transmitted to another device via the USB port. The NobleProbe® comes with USB cable, driver software and one detector heads in a handy hard-top case. The UV LED measuring instrument is calibrated in Heraeus Noblelight's own accredited measuring laboratory. Heraeus Noblelight closely cooperates with system manufacturers and final customers to develop customer-optimised solutions for industrial processes. When Heraeus invented the quartz glass mercury lamp in 1904, the foundation was laid for the production of special UV emitters. Today, not only can printing and curing applications benefit from the use of innovative UV LED light sources; they can also be measured. To learn more about Heraeus Noblelight, UV LEDs and NobleProbe®, go to www.heraeus-noblelight.com.

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