Evluma offers the Omnipar: a commercial & industrial LED retrofit with adjustable output

Oct. 11, 2011
Date Announced: 11 Oct 2011 Seattle – LED lighting manufacturer Evluma announces the release of a new LED dimmable retrofit for Commercial and Industrial HID and incandescent recessed can lights. Designed and manufactured in Seattle, WA, the Omnipar is a 15W-50W adjustable output, medium base, direct screw-in LED retrofit. The customer manually adjusts light output and energy consumption at the time of installation. The Omnipar turns a previously fixed output fixture into a flexible lighting solution.With similarities to the robust Clearlight product line of LED retrofits for outdoor security lights, the Omnipar represents a new direction for Evluma, says the company. The Omnipar is the first release in what Evluma anticipates as a new product line focusing on Commercial and Industrial LED lighting. Both product lines center around the LED retrofit concept, a less-waste sustainable solution. At 50W the Omnipar has a greater than 63 lpw efficiency. The incumbent ballast and starter are no longer required for operation when using the Omnipar.“With the Omnipar, efficiency and light level choices lie in the hands of the end user. A room once uniformly lit by a grid of can lights can be tailored to deliver intense lighting over task areas or walkways while letting light levels drop in less critical areas,” said Keith Miller, President & CEO of Evluma. “The Clearlight low temperature, low maintenance model also applies to the Omnipar. Closed environments with minimal circulation and high heat potential are hard on LEDs. The patent pending temperature sensing and cooling technology inside the Omnipar eliminates any concern with placing an LED retrofit into these situations. Even at the 50W maximum output Evluma’s custom driver technology keeps the LEDs cool and guarantees an L70 of 70,000. Customers can anticipate longer L70s at low wattages.” The Omnipar bears the MET Labs Mark. UL and MET marks indicate that the product has met the applicable safety standards.As part of a new agreement Service Concepts will work with Evluma to provide distribution for the medium base, output adjustable Omnipar in 48 states. Service Concepts is owned by 30 Midwest utilities and serves as a supplier to hundreds more. The Omnipar can be ordered through Service Concepts and its affiliate Energy Tech Solutions. Several test installations are underway.The Omnipar will be on display in the Service Concepts booth during Tech Advantage 2012 March 6-9, San Diego, CA.About EvlumaEvluma is a division of Express Imaging Systems, LLC (EIS), a company that has been designing award winning, high-power LED applications for the photographic industry since 1995. Formed in 2008, Evluma is committed to developing environmentally low impact lighting solutions that are affordable and long lasting. Evluma is a Lighting Facts LED Product Partner.

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