DDP introduces wide-angle high-intensity LED lamp for rail cars

Oct. 25, 2011
Date Announced: 25 Oct 2011 DDP, a provider of engineered LED solutions based in el Segundo, CA, has developed a solid-state LED lamp that acts as a drop-in replacement for 895-style incandescent bulbs used as commuter rail door-status indicators. The DDP 895L-X-M3 Series is designed to provide 180-degree visibility for exterior body-side rail indication. The benefits of solid-state lighting in this high-vibration application include durability and reliability. At upwards of 90 lumens, the DDP 895L Series lamp meets industry standard sunlight visibility and viewing angle requirements. Available in red, amber, turquoise, blue, warm white, and lunar white, the DDP 895L will illuminate all industry-standard indicator lenses without mechanical or electrical modification.Designed to operate at 37.5 volts DC, the 895L LED lamp includes an internal voltage regulator to allow even illumination despite common voltage fluctuations between 20-45 Vdc. Additional internal circuitry protects the DDP 895L from transient voltage spikes and circuit noise.“We designed our 895L Series lamps in response to numerous requests from rail maintenance engineers across the country. The incandescent bulbs require constant costly replacement. The challenge was to develop an LED lamp that was a drop-in retrofit, and still be able to provide the sunlight visibility, constant brightness despite voltage fluctuations, and extreme mechanical shock in the rail environment.” said Tony Toniolo, DDP President.The DDP 895L Series is designed to provide 100,000 hours of operating life. Drawing only 45 mA, the DDP 895L operates at one-tenth the current of the 895 incandescent bulb.

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