Epistar Lab launches new platform to achieve 3.0V white LED chip at 1A operation

Oct. 31, 2011
Date Announced: 31 Oct 2011 Hsinchu, Taiwan –– Epistar announces it has developed a Fan-Out Chip (FOC) that enables 3.0V LED chip at 1A operation.Epistar Lab has developed a technology suitable for lighting applications to reach high efficacy by a single chip in size of 55 mil for white LED to ease the complicated packaging of wire bonding.This technology enables a white LED with a lower voltage down to 3.0V at 1A operation and junction temperature of 85 deg.C (3.2V at room temperature). With a correlated color temperature (CCT) of 5000 K, the LED achieves 175 lumens at 350mA. To reach such high efficacy in lighting applications, Epistar Lab developed the FOC structure having a fan-out pad to significantly improve current spreading and thermal conduction. Consequently, much lower forward voltage, higher flux, and excellent flux saturation are achieved at high current operation as compared to normal power chip. Packages of FOC chips can be used in general lighting and any applications for high-efficacy white light.

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