SinkPAD Corp. recognized for best thermal management product at The LED Show

Oct. 11, 2011
Date Announced: 11 Oct 2011 Anaheim, California: October 11, 2011 SinkPAD Corporation was recognized as “Best Thermal Management” Product at “The LED SHOW” Las Vegas, NV. VP Sales Sam Bhayani stated that, “the live Thermal IR testing was a big hit, allowing us to demonstrate the benefits of our technology in terms of actual savings in junction temperature when compared to conventional MCPCB’s. It’s amazing what a savings of 5oC can mean and to think in specific cases we’ve seen savings upwards of 15oC…” (See Fig.1 & Fig.2)SinkPAD corporation’s new thermally managed printed circuit boards are a complete and effective solution to the challenges faced by the solid state lighting industry, specifically those with aluminum PCB applications.Available now, the new SinkPAD(TM) technology significantly improves LED thermal management in all LED systems. It is most effective in high-power high-bright surface mount LED systems; those systems that cannot efficiently dissipate heat thus making them unviable for commercial systems.SinkPAD(TM) conducts heat out of the LED system (LED cooling) by enabling a direct thermal path between the LED and surrounding atmosphere, which eliminates thermal resistance introduced by the dielectric material in a traditional IMS PCB or MCPCB. The SinkPAD(TM) design completely removes the substance with the lowest thermal conductivity/highest thermal resistance from the structure. SinkPAD(TM) still uses a dielectric, but this dielectric isolates the metal base electrically and leaves it thermally connected. The thermal path should be electrically neutral within the LED package, i.e. Cree XLamp, Luxeon Rebel from Philips Lumiled, PhlatLight from Luminus, in order to solder the LED directly to the SinkPAD(TM). To find out how SinkPAD’s technology can remove the heat in your LED application, contact SinkPADTM Corporation or visit the SinkPAD website, SinkPAD, LIGHT WEST SHOW, Los Angeles Convention Center October 26-27 Both #1034About SinkPADSinkPAD Corporation is an innovative thermal management company addressing the thermal challenges facing the electronics industry. The company’s patent pending PCB technology makes it possible to conduct heat out of the LED system and into the atmosphere quickly and cost effectively while providing their customers with a first-to-market competitive advantage.*The term SinkPAD is a proprietary mark of SinkPAD Corporation.

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