Noribachi to hire 20 new business development managers

Oct. 12, 2011
Date Announced: 12 Oct 2011 Noribachi, advancing the concept of informed grid interaction by manufacturing smart energy products, expands their sales reach after 496% year over year revenue increase for the last nine months. As an emerging industry leader in LED and solar-LED lighting, Noribachi will evolve its sales arm over the next quarter through the addition of 20 new Business Development Managers. “By augmenting our sales team with skilled professionals who will be able to bring our products and solutions into new markets, we’re also announcing a mature product suite, which will really change the way people interact with power consumption.” says Steve Kiziuk, VP of Sales at Noribachi. With over 800 installations worldwide, Noribachi looks forward to continued development of a network of satisfied customers. The new Business Development Managers will cultivate relationships with prospective clients and secure additional commercial contracts for Noribachi. “This is a very important step for us as a company. We are moving from a start-up to an established corporation with these hires. Not only will we be able to generate more revenue, but the increase in our national presence will mark an important milestone in company growth. As far as smart energy technology goes, it’s a huge win for the customer, both financially and also from a feel-good standpoint,” says Kiziuk.The recent company product line reorganization saw the expansion of a new, fully integrated LED luminaire line, as well as added lines featuring solar-grid hybrid consumer electronics and urban-friendly, aesthetic solar tiles. The expansion of product offerings has prompted Noribachi to transition its interests from development to sales. These industrial LED luminaires offer an aesthetic, efficient and sustainable alternative to outdated commercial lighting. Kiziuk says, “The new line is a great product –most people don’t even consider LED on an industrial scale. That’s why it’s so important to get the word out there with Business Development Managers. Once people know about this it’s going to be a watershed moment in the cleantech industry.” About Noribachi:Noribachi challenges rote relationships with energy and design through a distinctive, uncompromising design idiom and an ethos of self-power and grid-independence. Noribachi’s suite of clean technology products integrates proprietary energy optimization technologies with renewable power capabilities, embodied in beautiful, human-centered design. Guided by the coequal precepts of sustainable power and design so powerful it is sustaining, Noribachi’s mission is to take a fresh look at the relationships humanity has with energy and beauty and turn that insight into a new generation of meaningful smart power applications under the Noribachi brand.

Jeremy Martin Marketing Assistant

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