Noribachi Premiers intelligent lighting control series with Quorio.basic photo and motion sensing system

Oct. 27, 2011
Date Announced: 27 Oct 2011 Noribachi, advancing informed grid interaction through smart energy products, announces the premier of Quorio.basic lighting controls, the initial lighting management platform in the Quorio series. Quorio.basic is an intelligent management system that relies on UL certified photo and motion sensors to regulate a light’s output. Quorio.basic control options include a pre-set dimming level and full on/off capabilities. Depending on the desired application these control options can instantaneously reduce/revive a light’s luminous output, or switch the light on or off altogether. In many situations both controls are desired, and when used together maximize the energy efficiency of any installation. Noribachi has seen several successful installations of Quorio.basic lighting controls. Installed in the Acropolis and 4th & Lead CABQ parking garages, Noribachi’s Quorio.basic lighting controls allow lights to dim when no person is present. As soon as motion is sensed, the lights return to full brightness, retaining maximum safety while lowering needless energy output. At Santa Fe’s historic Frenchy Field, photo sensors recognize the transition from day to night and automatically turn on Noribachi’s artisan designed LED fixtures at a set light level, making the varying times of sunset irrelevant to consistent and safe illumination and doing away with the need to reprogram lights when the seasons change. Noribachi’s photo sensor features a fully waterproof housing, allowing it to be mounted either indoors or outside. An adjustable swivel mounting system lets the sensor be placed at the ideal angle to detect other light sources. The motion sensor features adjustment options ranging from 15 seconds to 30 minutes, making illumination duration highly customizable. Effective at ranges of up to 40ft, Noribachi’s motion sensor can easily and efficiently regulate lighting in almost any indoor area.“Numerous people have commented on how the lights ‘track with them’ through the garage as motion sensors trigger the lights from a low state to high. Intelligent lighting controls are still cutting-edge, and managing LED lighting with power saving controls and eventually software applications is an excellent example of informed grid interaction, our core mission at Noribachi,” says Steve Kiziuk, VP of Sales at Noribachi.Locations from parking garages to recreational parks have utilized Noribachi’s Quorio.basic lighting controls to take their LED lighting to its most effective level. With the combination of low energy LED bulbs and intelligent sensors lighting efficiency reaches its highest return.About Noribachi:Noribachi is advancing the concept of informed grid interaction by creating smart energy products, challenging rote relationships with energy and design.Noribachi’s product suite includes LED lighting, consumer electronics, solar solutions, and engineering and design services.These products integrate proprietary energy optimization technologies with renewable power capabilities and an uncompromising devotion to aesthetics.With over 800 installations – including world class hotels and luxury automobile dealerships – representing a diverse variety of markets across the US and internationally, Noribachi is a leader in integrating smart power and informed grid interaction with distinctive and human-centered design.Noribachi is a privately held company incorporated in the State of Delaware with offices in Los Angeles, CA; Albuquerque, NM and Shanghai, China.

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