Blueboo Lighting releases 45-72W LED street lights

Oct. 10, 2011
Date Announced: 10 Oct 2011 BLUEBOO has released its new quality 45W--72w LED street lights. Under the background of actively promoting low carbon economy, saving energy and reducing emission worldwide, new Blueboo LED street lights come into being with unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, DIY design, convenient installation, energy conservation, green environmental protection, long lifespan, intelligent systems and high colour rendering index, which are trying to provide a remarkable change in LED street lighting.With the improvement and maturity of Blueboo LED lights' quality and technology, LED lighting products from quality, design, technology, intelligent system and outlook win an advantage over LED enterprises. From the aspect of quality, Blueboo adopts original CREE lamp beads as light source with good color rendering index(CRI) and no ultraviolet ray, which not only ensures lifespan of LED lights but also doesn't do harm to the body. In addition, Blueboo LED lights passed CE, ROHS, LM79, ITACS, FCC and CCC, which ensure customers to purchase Blueboo products with no worry.Intelligent temperature control technology effectively keeps lights' temperature from increasing when reaching a certain level, and protects circuit and light source from being damaged in the closed environment, which extends products' lifespan and reduces heat emission. Advanced infrared sensor technology makes lights keep proper brightness when nobody passes by, maximize luminance when pedestrians pass by and return fixed luminance after pedestrians pass by.High-tech heat dissipation design ensures LED lights to work normally even in the closed environment, which improves lights' quality and helps to extend the lifespan of products. Unique DIY design is the highlight of Blueboo design. With DIY design concept of whole light, removal, assembly and maintenance are very convenient, and customers can easily repair and replace the bad parts by themselves, which greatly reduces operating cost and maintenance cost.Blueboo 45w--72w LED street lights can meet different lighting requirements with different power and brightness. Blueboo 45w --72w LED street lights are specifically designed to replace 150w--250w traditional street lights such as HPS and MHL. The special design of 360°beam angle ensures that LED street lights, installed with 6--12m high, are widely used in streets, gas stations, public places, factories, warehouses, supermarkets, parking lots, etc.BLUEBOO LIGHTING is a high-tech company that specializes in research and development of LED Lighting. BLUEBOO devotes to developing LED intelligent system to provide customers with overall LED lighting solutions and high-quality products by continuous innovation. BLUEBOO is bound to offer customers more professional, qualified and satisfactory products and services, and create higher value in return. BLUEBOO will continue to enhance innovation, expand market field and promote sustainable, healthy and rapid development of LED lighting industry.

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