US State Dept using LED retrofits from Silvermere Group - Lighting Division

Oct. 30, 2011
Date Announced: 30 Oct 2011 The US Embassy in Sri Lanka has converted its warehouse lighting from high-pressure sodium (HPS) bulbs to solid-state LED, using high-performance LED retrofit kits from Silvermere in the existing high-bay fixtures. HPS bulbs produce low quality light with orange hue and poor color rendering. They also produce heavy heat gain and require costly replacing every few years. LED offers much longer lasting light, better energy efficiency and higher quality of light with excellent color rendition. The Embassy warehouse was using 250w HPS bulbs & ballasts in 30 high-bay fixtures. The total power draw of the lighting system was about 8.25kw. Working with Silvermere, the Embassy decided to replace the 250w HPS bulbs & ballasts with US made 98w LED retrofit kits in the existing 14” diameter high-bay fixtures, which could be installed by the security-cleared in-house staff. The total system power reduction by converting from HPS to LED is 5.31kw or 75%, saving over 46,000 KwHrs per year of operation and allowing ROI in under 2 years. In addition, the reduced heat gain from improved energy efficiency has lowered the peak ambient temperature of the warehouse by 10 degrees F, and the improved quality of light has reduced eye-strain, creating a much more comfortable and productive environment for warehouse workers. The retrofit kits are made in USA, using Luxeon Rebel diodes and rated to 126,000 hours before 30% lumen depreciation, and with an on-board fan for active cooling, the LED retrofits may be operational for 150,000 hours or longer. The higher quality of light, longer lifespan and better energy efficiency make switching from traditional bulbs to quality LED a winning solution for energy savings, maintenance savings, cost savings, reduced heat and improvement of illumination. In addition, the LED products contain no toxic mercury and are 100% recyclable, making them much more environmentally responsible than traditional bulbs. The warehouse employees are very happy with the quality of light and reduced heat and maintenance requirement. A Project Profile for this project is available upon request from Silvermere Group, international suppliers of high-performance LED lighting.

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