100 West announces integrated design service

Oct. 26, 2011
Date Announced: 26 Oct 2011 100 West Electronics is pleased to offer an integrated service for lighting system designs. Concurrent design of the optical, electronic, and thermal components is integral in a successful product. We now can offer this to you from a single source. In the past several years we have been instrumental in developing high intensity LED based systems for a number of suppliers located in the US. We have performed extensive work with LED lighting, as well as arc lamp systems, and are familiar with the difficulties in doing so. Designs range from small single die micro PCBs to large 100+ 10Watt emitter panel systems. Our experience in both solar power and battery systems makes the package complete. With 20 years of research and development experience, a wide range of quality designs, and diverse experience with LED lighting techniques, 100 West Electronics has confidence that you will be a satisfied customer. We are equipped to create custom reflector and lens systems, or design with off the shelf components. With our optical ray tracing software we will prove out the project before any parts are manufactured. Our knowledge and experience in PCB layout and power systems specification has proven to be a tremendous asset to our clients. If you are looking for PCB, analog, or controller designs we will be able to help. Knowledge of RoHS and CE approvals is another service we can offer. Please contact us if you are interested, have questions, or require additional information.100 West Electronics looks forward to assisting with your design needs.

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