FutureLED introduces first real LED Sun Simulator SUNlike 365-1080nm

Oct. 10, 2011
Date Announced: 10 Oct 2011 With SUNlike FUTURELED has introduced a platform that makes it possible to simulate sunlight according to A1.5. Based purely on LED technology, to cover the full spectral range from 365 to 1080 nm, the multichannel system is designed to match the natural sunlight. Especially the wafer production in the PV market is in need for this kind of light. Replacing the conventional light sources in this industrial application the advantages of LED as long life time and low power consumption helps. What is really the big step for LED in this application is the speed gain in which flashes can be generated. From 2,4 down to 1 sec means tripling the production on one line.The technology behind it is an array of more then 740 LED ranging from 7 to 35 peak wavelength to match the sun spectrum. All LED are used in the unique FUTURELED housing. Some types of the LED are just recently developed to fill the gaps and to improve the mapping. With intensive research on PCB design and thermal management SUNlike can reach the classification of AAA which is covering spectral match, homogeneity and stability over time.The full system comes with LED, PCB, Heatsink, Electronic and control software. Most components are adaptable to fit the specific needs and focuses.

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