Palomar Technologies discusses pulsed-heat eutectic solder and chain wire bonding for HB-LEDs at IMAPS 2011

Oct. 4, 2011
Date Announced: 04 Oct 2011 Carlsbad, CA – Palomar Technologies, the world-leading provider of precision microelectronics and optoelectronic packaging systems, today announced that it will exhibit at IMAPS 2011 in Long Beach, California on October 11-13, in booth #231.Palomar Technologies is presenting two HB LED technical papers in the Advanced Technologies Track at IMAPS 2011. Palomar Assembly ServicesTM general manager, Donald Beck, has co-authored “High-Yield Process Improvements for High-Reliability HB-LED Automated Assembly” and “Evaluation of AuSn Eutectic Die Attach Materials Designed for High-Brightness LED Packaging.” Beck will be on-site at IMAPS to discuss recent advancements in the LED industry.“Today’s HB LED applications require maximum thermal transfer to achieve performance results. Precision eutectic soldering provides high-quality, low-risk performance,” stated Beck. “Reaching performance and cost targets requires continuous improvements in LED devices and packaging designs. Close LED proximity is one of several paths that help to extract every possible lumen per watt. This is best achieved using a pulsed heat eutectic die attach and chain wire bonding.”Palomar Technologies offers a Pulsed Heat System (PHS), designed especially for the ultra-flexible 3800 Die Bonder. The PHS allows for a tightly controlled reflow, resulting in a stronger eutectic die bond without voiding. Computer-controlled software provides a highly regulated temperature profile and data feedback throughout the process.Chain bonding has become a reliable and cost-effective alternative to wedge bonding. Using ball bond technology on the high-reliability 8000 Wire Bonder, chain bonding follows a ball-loop-stitch-loop-stitch process, producing “chains” of loop shapes traditionally generated by a wedge bonder. Wedge emulation with a ball bonder using chain bonding can be an excellent alternative to using a wedge bonder to perform interconnects. To learn more, download "The Great Debate: Ball vs. Wedge" technical paper.About Palomar TechnologiesPalomar Technologies, a former subsidiary of Hughes Aircraft, is the global leader of automated high-accuracy, large work area die attach and wire bond equipment and precision contract assembly services. Customers utilize the products, services and solutions from Palomar Technologies to meet their needs for optoelectronic packaging, complex hybrid assembly and micron-level component attachment. For more information, visit

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