High-intensity replaceable LED module and array from YJBLED

Oct. 28, 2011
Date Announced: 28 Oct 2011 U.S. 7,972,037, assigned to Deloren E. Anderson, describes a standardized LED module featuring replaceable LED bulbs while efficiently handling heat transfer for high efficiency operation. The module will work for all current indoor and outdoor applications and will also open other applications that are currently not possible with existing light sources. By making the array with easy to insert LED modules, one can quickly and inexpensively customize the array for a multitude of different applications. For example, it facilitates customization of lumens and the ability to easily provide variation of color kelvin of LEDs within a single array. An additional plus is that burnt out bulbs can easily be replaced. Among others Ann Arbor, Michigan and Jacksonville, Florida, have determine that the cost to replace a metal halide bulb is >$600. With a move to LED lighting, costs for maintenance and repair will be significantly higher with non-replaceable modules. The standardized LED module with replaceable bulbs provides a package that is cost efficient to manufacture, great flexibility for a multitude of applications, and efficient operation of the LED in the module via a built-in heat sink. We at YJBLED.com are looking ahead to partner with a manufacturer whom understands the need for standardization of the Led bulb, and together develop and commercialize, the bulb of the future for the world.

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