Spark provides lighting design scheme for badminton court

Oct. 31, 2011
Date Announced: 31 Oct 2011 1. Introduction of standard badminton courtBadminton court is rectangular court, with 13.4M length, 6.1M width for the doubles game, 5.18M width for the singles game, 14.723M diagonal line for doubles game,14.366M diagonal line for singles game.Badminton court was divided equally into two parts by horizontal line, divided longitudinally into the front court, midfield, back court. The front court is a area that between short service line and the net; The back court is from end line to long service line. Midfield is area that from short service line to long service line.According to international game standard, the minimum height of room is 9M.Within such height, it not allowed any crossbeam and other obstacle. And it not allowed any obstacle within 2M around court. Between any two parallel courts, should exist at least 2M distance.2. The characteristics of badminton court lightingThere are three different lighting way for badminton court lighting: natural lighting, artificial lighting and mixed lighting which include the two.For modern badminton court, most adopt mixed lighting, and artificial lighting is general lighting.Requirements of badminton court lighting design is that let player can accurately judge the path,height and droppoint of ball.First, it will make the most of natural light. The effect of natural light is optimal. It will prevent direct light or reflected light to eye. Second, improve stability and uniformity of illumination. It is very important not only for athlete’s good perfermance, but also for judge’s correct judgement and audience appreciation. 3. Influence factors for badminton court lighting3.1 Illumination level: illumination can reach standard or not.Vertical illumination should be more than 1/2 of horizontal illumination.While vertical illumination is same with horizontal illumination, the race enviroment is optimal.3.2 Illumination uniformity: illumination of sport ground is uniform or not.The illumination uniformity is used to as the visual conditions for stadium . Uniformity is that stadium should be evenly illuminated, can’t be too bright or too dark,in order to provide good visual conditions for athletes, audience and judge. For example. for television relay, it requires that illumination can't change a lot, otherwise it will cause the camera exposure.3.3 Flare: flare is obvious or not.Flare is a important factor that estimate illuminating quality. Flare producing is related with installation way of lamp, installation height, quantity and distribution etc.When there is high brightness contrast, people will feel dazzling and their visual will be affected. For example, it is hard to open the eye in the sunny day’s noon. It is caused by high brightness.The badminton court glare is direct glare. The player will feel dazzling when they move, due to ceiling with lower height. The player’s eye will feel unconformable after long time, will affect player’s eyesight on ball’s moving.3.4 Brightness ratio: color and brightness difference between backgrounds and objectEye can distinguish objects on the background,but should meet two conditions. One of the condiion is there is a color difference and other is there be a brightness differ. The objects lighter than backgrounds, the lighter the vision is better, conversely, the background is lighter than objects, the marked reduction in Visual acuity. When lighting conditions are poor, especially when you lack of brightness difference, there may be a false visual phenomena, distortion of perceived objects, in judging important adverse effects.Badminton color is white, the walls are white, people not see shots can cause movement. In order to increase the color difference of badminton and the walls, the use of lamp of light and shadow effects, to reduce the brightness of the wall. Available block opaque shade shade shadow projected onto the wall, and another part of the light to the ground reflection, irradiation, which reduces the brightness of the wall, makes the difference in badminton and background contrast, when you bring the Badminton sport vision more clearly.3.5 The stability of light: flashing or not.The stability of light affect human’s health directly and also cause the decrease of vision ability. The stability mainly reflect on the frequency effect. Flashing is caused by periodicity vary of alternating current power, meanwhile, luminous flux changed with the current. This is the reason of illusion when people observing the moving objects. The periodicity change of the current cause the unability of light then there will be obvious flashing on artificial lighting.4.Lighting lamps used on badminton courtSpark LED high power lamp use high brightness United States original CREE LED as light source, luminaire efficiency as high as 85-90lm/W, it can directly replace the traditional lighting such as high color rendering metal halogen lamp product, and meet adequate, uniform illumination requirement for badminton courts, table tennis, billiards and other sports venues. High quality white light LED lighting aims to provide the best watching effect for macth.High power LED lamp (SPL-288) is energy-efficient, low carbon and environmental protection, more than 70% energy saving rate. This LED lighting fixture with unique innovative modular -- one optical lens design and professional, enables effective exposure of light within the scene, and brightness smaller auditorium, thus increasing brightness than the pitch, also help athletes make out what course of action. Parker lamps and high light efficiency, color-rendering index is high. Instant start, no strobe, no adverse glare, wide operating voltage range; over voltage, under voltage protection, safe and reliable, long service life, easy installation and maintenance.Spark LED lighting has 18 patents, of which 5 patents for invention, the technological performance have reached the national standard, the product passed the CE, RoSH, UL, ETL, PSE, and so on. With its excellent light irradiation effect, excellent energy-saving level, intelligent user-friendly controls, received the support and endorsement of many new and old customers.5.Badminton court lighting design and effectsSpark badminton court lighting cases: Stadium height is 12 meters, there are 8 standard badminton courts, the average illumination is 1200lux (TV broadcasts required) as the standard design.Solution: Lamp is divided into 5 lines.Advantages: Lamp is arranged more lines, the lighting will be more uniformity.

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