Nualight introduces Alto 530 LED ultra-smooth canopy lighting

Oct. 18, 2011
Date Announced: 18 Oct 2011 Nualight has today announced a new addition to its product portfolio, the Alto 530, a new high-performance LED lighting solution for canopy lighting in food displays designed for maximum merchandising impact.The product’s specific benefit is its very smooth lighting effect, eliminating the visible LEDs which are typical of linear LED lighting. It also delivers uniquely sharp lighting accentuation of food displays. There is no spillage with the ultra-smooth light directed down the face of the display cabinet creating notable accentuation and a high contrast ratio between the ambient lighting and the food display. For canopy lighting, it is essential that the light travels all the way to the bottom shelves and Alto 530 generates a high intensity of light even at the bottom of the case. Alto 530’s unique secondary optics also ensures that the light is directed back into the case, so that even when the first row of products has been purchased, those behind are still illuminated.Vibrancy of colour is an integral feature of the Alto 530 product design. It delivers CRI in excess of 80 (compared with 75/80 for fluorescent) and this, combined with the improved directionality, results in food displays with real punch and sparkle. When compared with fluorescent technology, Alto 530 delivers up to 50% energy savings in frozen displays and up to 25% energy savings in chilled displays. Not only is the Alto 530 a sustainable lighting solution in terms of energy savings, it has a guaranteed lifetime of 50,000 hours and is entirely maintenance-free. The Alto 530 contains no UV or infra-red which means that food also stays fresher for longer under its lighting, a particular advantage for fresh fruit and vegetables, chilled salads and meat.The Alto 530 is available in a variety of lengths up to 1.7m to suit all display case designs and has a 90 degree beam angle for excellent display accentuation that delivers a high intensity of light all the way to the bottom of the case. It is available in a standard and Eco (low energy) version. It is based on Nualight’s proprietary Perfino technology which still delivers high lux levels for LED display case lighting despite its very smooth lighting impact.

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