Savings in energy consumption, a major concern for Portuguese schools

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On top of the recent electricity cost increase in Portugal, the government has decreed the end of the reduced VAT rate on power, which increases from 6 to 23%.
The measure will not have special impact on private companies, but will be critical to end consumers that cannot reclaim paid VAT. This applies to public schools that will see their annual energy costs dramatically increased.

In this context, the replacement of conventional lighting fixtures with LED technology is of particular importance and therefore the penetration of LED equipment in this segment has been accelerating steadily.

In northern Portugal, a number of public schools already started the process. For example the Nogueira/Braga School, after a first phase installation of Hysee LED equipments on circulation areas, moved on to lamp retrofits in outdoor areas, classrooms, library and offices.

LED lamps installed range from Hysee LED T8 Tubes to Hysee LED bulbs and spotlights. The final stage will be the replacement of sodium lamps with high bay LED luminaries in sports facilities.
The school has a high light burn daily rate. Some areas require 24 hours of lighting, for security reasons. Still, the school expects to reduce as much as 70% on lighting power use.

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