OL series 730E radiometer/photometer

Dec. 19, 2011
Date Announced: 19 Dec 2011 After many years of success and proven performance with our OL 730C, Gooch & Housego announces the release of the OL 730E Radiometer/Photometer. This newest model in the OL Series 730 line boasts a smaller footprint and reduced cost while providing similar research-grade precision and accuracy. The OL 730E has an internal preamplifier and a sensitivity of 1 X 10-14 amperes. It may be virtually controlled via the USB interface, and boasts a response time as fast as 0.1 seconds and a full-scale range of 2 x 10-10 to 2 x 10-3 amperes. Also being offered with this new radiometer will be a series of TE-cooled detectors, which will provide enhanced temperature stability over time while utilizing a smaller control unit.

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