AxiomLED introduces LED1212 12W power supply for $10

Dec. 5, 2011
Date Announced: 05 Dec 2011 AxiomLED has continued to expand its line of LED drivers. The new LED1212 is designed for use for small signage applications, under-cabinet lighting, or for use with the AxiomLED AM02L27 MR16 that is used to replace 35-50W halogen lamps. :We now have a power supply that can be used with our low-power MR16 LED bulbs,: commented Manuel Lynch, CEO of AxiomLED. "There are thousands of applications around the world where people use MR16 halogen for recessed down lights and each fixture usually has its own transformer -- those transformers did not like how low power our LED light was so we had to develop a new solution." The LED1212 is designed for 12V or 24V output and is capable of handling: 12 pieces of AxiomLED AXLE5 Series LED (1800 mm or 6 ft of light) for under-cabinet lighting at a total cost $34; or up to 4 pieces of AxiomLED AM03L27 MR16 LED - Each MR16 is only $5.00.More information on this new LED power supply is available at

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